Electric Forest Festival


For Guests With Disabilities

Check back for updates.


Questions before the Event: Send an email to access@electricforestfestival.com. Electric Forest's Access Specialist, will respond to your email.

Questions during the Event: Come to the Access Center or ask a member of the Access Team. The Access Center will be marked on the map.

Electric Forest's Access Center: This is where Electric Forest festival's guests with disabilities can come to get information, request services, rendezvous with friends, and rest & renew. The Access Center is open from 10 am to 10 pm each event day.

Electric Forest's Access Team is available to make Electric Forest accessible for guests with disabilities. Look for the Access team wearing distinct t-shirts.

Requests for Accommodations: Feel free to reach out to the Access team for more information if you are interested in a service that is not outlined below. Please allow a minimum of two or three weeks notice; even more if you can. Why wait? Shoot us an email right now: access@electricforestfestival.com.

Services for Guests with Mobility Disabilities

The Lay of the Land

This is a large site. From the far end of the Accessible Camping area, to the most distant stage, is a little less than a mile. The venue itself is about two thirds of a mile from end to end. The terrain is flat for the most part, but there are some slightly hilly areas. There are some roadways and hardened bike paths but much of your travel will be over grass and gravel pathways. People who have difficulty-traveling distances may want to bring a mobility device such as a wheelchair or scooter.

Accessible Day Parking

There is an accessible day parking lot located near to the Accessible Camping area and near to the venue.

Accessible Camping

The Accessible Camping area is adjacent to the venue. It is open to guests who have the state-issued accessible parking license plate, hang tag, or placard. People who do not have the tag but who have difficulty walking long distances should talk with their doctor about getting a temporary pass for this event. Write to access@electricforestfestival.com if you need further information or assistance.

One companion vehicle is allowed to camp alongside the primary vehicle in Accessible Camping. The companion vehicle must enter along with the primary vehicle and both must enter through the Access Lane at the tollbooths.

Accessible RV Camping

The closest section of the RV Parking area will be designated as Accessible RV Parking for those who drive RVs and have the state-issued accessible parking tag. There is a $150 charge for bringing an RV. There are no hookups in this area. Go to RV Guidelines for more information.

Entering Accessible Camping/Day Parking

You must use the southern entrance to the Electric Forest festival site in order to access Accessible Camping and Day Parking. Follow the wheelchair symbols on the signs and use the far right hand tollbooth when you enter the Electric Forest festival.

Accessible VIP GOOD LIFE Camping

The GOOD LIFE VIP VILLAGE Campground will also be located close to the venue. You may camp here or bring your RV ($200 for a GOOD LIFE VILLAGE RV Pass). This area has a snazzier accessible toilet and shower. There are no hookups in this area. Go to RVs [link to RV info] for more information. Follow the directions given to you for camping in the VIP section.

GOOD LIFE VILLAGE Camping and Accessible Camping are about the same distance from the venues.

No Shade

Accessible Camping and GOOD LIFE VILLAGE VIP Camping are both in large open fields with no shade. Please bring a shade tarp if you would like.


At this time, this facility is not fully accessible though it may work for some people. Write access@electricforestfestival.com with your questions. If you have an accessible RV, you may bring that for parking in Accessible Camping or in GOOD LIFE VIP Village Campground.


At this time, this facility is not fully accessible though it may work for some people. Write access@electricforestfestival.com with your questions.

Shuttle Service

There is limited golf cart shuttle service for patrons with disabilities and one companion. It goes around the perimeter of the venue and, for safety reasons, cannot enter the venue itself. Patrons with disabilities will still need to do quite a bit of travel on their own. Come prepared to get yourself around this large site.

Reserved Viewing Areas

Electric Forest will have reserved viewing areas for guests who use wheelchairs or who have significant mobility disabilities. If you do not use a wheelchair, but have a permanent mobility disability or significant temporary mobility disability and would find it very difficult to stand in the general audience area, stop by the Access Center for a pass to these areas. Those with slight injuries are not eligible.

Some chairs are provided but we cannot promise that there will be enough for everyone. If you must have a chair, bring along a low folding chair.

Each person with a mobility disability may bring one companion into the reserved seating area. Families, consisting of no more than two adults and any children under 18 may all come into the area together.

We ask that only those that need to use reserved seating apply. Space is limited and we want to have enough space for those who truly need it. We appreciate your cooperation.

Accessible Venues

Most of the performances and activities are accessible. There may be an exception or two and we are working on that.

Powered Mobility Devices

Motorized wheelchairs and three or four-wheeled scooters are allowed at Electric Forest. For safety reasons in this crowded environment, guests may NOT use golf carts, all terrain vehicles, two-wheeled scooters or any other heavy, fast, or easy to tip, motorized mobility devices. All mobility devices should be operated no faster than walking speed and according to manufacturer's specifications.

Manual Wheelchair Rental

Contact Airway Oxygen in Muskegon, MI for information about renting wheelchairs – 1-800-632-0730.


The Access Center (open from 10 AM to 10 PM) will have power for recharging wheelchairs, scooters, and medical equipment. Guests may plug in for recharging medical equipment. There are a limited number of outlets and we cannot take responsibility for any equipment. Use of the power is at your own risk. While we do offer this as a convenience, you are responsible for charging your own equipment. You may use an AC/DC power converter and plug into your vehicle. Please read the manuals and select a system that will work with your particular equipment.

Accessible Portable Toilets

In each cluster of portable toilets, you will find at least one accessible portable toilet. There will be additional accessible toilets in the Accessible Camping area.

Accessible Showers

There will be accessible showers near to the Accessible Camping area and in the Accessible VIP Camping area. There is a fee for showers.

Accessible ATM

There will be an accessible ATM near the entrance to the venue.

Services for Our Guests Who Are Blind or Have Low Vision


Braille programming information will be available at the Access Center. If you want your own copy make a request no later than three weeks before the event.

Large Print

Large Print programming information will be available at the Access Center.

Guide Service

A one-time guided tour is available to guests who are blind or have low vision. Please make a reservation one week before the event so that we may schedule a volunteer for that time.

Services for Our Guests Who Are Deaf or Are Hard of Hearing

Sign Language Interpreters

American Sign Language interpreters are available. Please make your request as soon as you know which performers you would like to see. As you know, it takes time to get the information that we need from the musicians and it takes time for the interpreters to practice. We would appreciate four weeks or more advance notice and no less than two weeks, please. The Access Center will be the base for the Interpreter team, and you can find a schedule of interpreted events posted there as well.


CPAP and Other Overnight Medical Devices

Those who need to power medical devices overnight may make a reservation to plug into our power station in the Accessible Camping area. Power is very limited and is available by reservation on a first come, first served basis. This power station is reserved for CPAP and other devices that are in use all night. Wheelchairs may be recharged at the Access Center. Use of power is at your own risk. Write to access@electricforestfestival.com.

Medical Center

There is a medical center on site with ambulances standing by. The nearest hospital is about seven miles away. There is also a medevac helicopter nearby and there are two pharmacies, in nearby towns, within ten miles of Electric Forest.


People bringing medicines or who use syringes, must show medication in prescription packaging, with your name on the label, and a photo ID.

If you need a cool place to store your meds, there is a refrigerator at the Medical Tent.

But Wait, There's More

Service Animals - Definition, Policies, and Procedures

Electric Forest Festival welcomes and supports the rights and attendance of all persons with disabilities that rely on the special skills of a trained service animal. What we DO NOT support, nor will tolerate, are pets being misrepresented by their owners as service animals, when in fact they are not. So please, don't do it. Leave your pet at home. We mean it.

Service Animal Definition:

A 'service animal' means "any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability. The work or tasks performed by a service animal must be directly related to the handler's disability."

Service Animal Policies:

For our legitimate patrons with disabilities who wish to bring their service animals to Electric Forest Festival, we ask that you review and follow the policies outlined below:

  1. Service animals must be accompanied by the handler with the disability.
  2. Service animals must be under the control and supervision of their handler at all times.
  3. Service animals are not permitted to be left in camp unattended under any circumstances.
  4. Handlers are required to be prepared for, and clean-up after, their animals at all times.
  5. We reserve the right to remove and/or refuse access to any service animal from the campgrounds or venues if that animal is deemed to be a health or safety threat to festival patrons, staff, or other service animals, or in violation of these policies.
  6. All service animals must be credentialed by the EFF staff (see the procedures below).

Please note that all service dogs, including those from out of state are subject to local dog ordinances, which includes a valid rabies certificate.


All patrons with disabilities attending Electric Forest Festival this year with a service animal will need to have that animal credentialed by EFF staff before entering the main gate. This process will be performed quickly and respectfully by our Accessibility Staff.

What will you need to do? It's easy. Once you arrive at EFF, come to the Accessibility (ADA) Guest Services tent in the front of the Accessibility (ADA) Camping area, just to the right of the main bottle check/security entrance in GA camping. Staff will speak with you, record your contact information, and provide a collar tag for your service animal. Then you are good to go! Security Staff will be on the lookout this year for all animals to have a properly credentialed EFF collar tag.

Remember, Service animals are allowed, all other dogs are not!