Electric Forest Festival


Rosin Coven


Rosin Coven is the World’s Premiere “Pagan Lounge Ensemble,” also fittingly described as a “cinematic chamber orchestra.”  For over fifteen years they have been acclaimed for their high-energy, musically diverse, theatrical stage shows including dance, circus, vaudeville and variety, with an emphasis on dynamic performance and audience participation. Edith Piaf does the cha-cha with Charles Mingus, Eric Satie tangos with Sun-Ra, and Kurt Weil broods over Doris Day…

Rosin Coven presents an irreverent yet elegant balance between musicianship, poise, theatricality, and humor. They’re found where you least expect them…in nightclubs, theatres, parks, festivals, museums, deserts, parades, galas, and foreign lands.

One of their finest accomplishments to date is the founding and hosting of “The Edwardian Ball”, a turn-of-the-last-century costume ball in honor of beloved author Edward Gorey.  Co-produced with their innovative circus friends Vau de Vire Society, this festival has, for fourteen years, featured music, dance, circus, theatre, steam machines, gaming, vending, fashion, fine art, and more, growing from its humble goth club roots to an internationally recognized festival drawing over 5,000 attendees per year!