Electric Forest Festival


Soul Visions

Members of Rising Appalachia & The Human Experience


Rising Appalachia" is a genre-bending force of sound that uses vocal harmony, traditional instrumentation, roots music, lyrical prowess and diverse artistic collaborations to defy cultural clichés and ignite musical rebellion..."

“The Human Experience” is David Block’s principal project as a live
electronic composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer. Listeners
experience a delicious symphonic blend of prismatic soundscapes and
sultry beats.

"Rising Appalachia and The Human Experience met many years ago on the shores of southern India. After spearheading each of their own unique musical paths, they have joined forces to birth a soulful new electro/acoustic collaboration, merging sounds from around the world in an elaborate artistic love-child of beats, voice, banjo and bass. "Soul Visions" is their first step in the long journey of bringing together electronic music and soul, folk and ballads, bass rhythms and swamp-womp in an effort to bridge worlds through aural exploration. "Soul Visions" speaks to the lover and the dance floor, the ritual holder and the song collector and the visionary and the shadow-worker... bringing deep root sounds into a highly mechanical world.

Soul Visions