Electric Forest Festival


Woven Tangles

Holly and Kevin started worlds apart, products of two completely different upbringings and lives. Their musical connection today is a palpable sensitivity for each other that comes from many a late night hypothesizing, philosophizing, laughing, questioning, and then singing about it.

Holly grew up in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota where she spent her time rock climbing and hiking through nature. Her upbringing was very religious, which meant the only types of music she was permitted to listen to were classical and hymns. She wrote her first song at the ripe old age of five and since then has written over 150 songs and compositions.

Kevin on the other hand, grew up in Metro Detroit, in a life steeped in traditions of a generation gone by. He watched his father wrench on old Detroit muscle, and follows the local tradition by cruising Woodward Avenue looking for friends and fast cars. From a young age, he could sing along with nearly every Beatles, Beach Boys and Eagles song, and around that same time, his mother sat him down at a piano; he’s never looked back since. According to Kevin, “I’ve written over 151 songs and compositions to this day.”

From their original connection a few years ago, they have grown into close friends, seeing the many faces of life as time passes. Musically they hold a unique bond that a listener can catch in any Woven Tangles tune, and that’s their friendship. Just like any good friend would, they have each other’s back at all times.

Today they have expanded their arsenal, occasionally employing various talented friends to join them onstage. As they continue to evolve and grow with each show and festival experience, the good times roll on.