Electric Forest Festival


Emerson Jay started when lead singer and keyboardist, Jared Gulden, left school in Chicago, January of 2013. Discouraged and unsure of his future, he started to write music as a therapeutic release. Keeping most of it to himself as song after song was tucked away in his computer files, he eventually showed some of his work to two of his closest friends and fellow bandmates, Brandon Bates and Patrick Donovan. Pat was the first to suggest that they start to perform this synth-pop style that Jared had been crafting. After little convincing, the three of them added in bassist Dan Evans, and Jared released his debut single and self titled EP under the name Emerson Jay.

Jared explained that the name Emerson Jay came from the combination of his favorite writer, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and his nickname, Jay. “It seemed to have a good ring to it, and I wasn't really concerned about the name at the time. As long as it wasn't my name.” says Jared.

Continually releasing new material online, Emerson Jay is definitely an artist to watch if you like “feel-good” music and a live show that puts a spin on the songs created in the studio. Coming from the mind of a 21 year old, to the ears of many others, it's a sound that anyone can immerse themselves in and a message that most can relate to, for none of us know what to expect tomorrow.