Electric Forest Festival


Are you ready to Pick Up & Rage?

Join the thousands of fans already in the game to collect awesome prizes for keeping Electric Forest clean! This year we're expanding our sustainability program Electricology to all corners of the festival, giving you more chances to get in on the action and make a bigger impact than ever before.

Here's How Electricology Works

Out in the campgrounds and inside the festival gates, use your neighborhood EcoZones to drop off campsite recycling, pickup trash bags, and earn EcoPoints to redeem at the Electricology Store located at the venue entrance.

This year we've also added a second Electricology Store near Ranch Arena, so now you can redeem your points without leaving the music behind. Inside the festival venue, make sure to use our three-bin waste stations, help keep it litter free and you'll earn even more EcoPoints towards awesome prizes!

Remember, these Electricology Stores are the only places to win signed artist posters, festival vendor prizes, official sponsor prizes (like Osprey BackPacks and Eno Hammocks), exclusive festival perks, meet n greets, and more to be announced! Follow us @Electricology on Twitter and Like us on Facebook for special alerts, new contests, and all your forest recycling needs.

Electric Forest's awesome volunteers will be on the hunt for good green deeds all weekend, so get ready to participate in Electricology and you'll be rewarded handsomely! Check out some of the awesome sponsor prizes you can win:

Get in The Game Ahead of Time

Can't wait for the Forest to start? There's a lot you can do now to get involved. If you're passionate about sustainability, think about volunteering and gain a once in a lifetime greening experience. If instant gratification is a little more your style, head over to The Plug In and enter the Festival Ninja Challenge for Sustainability Week running May 15-22. And for those of you who aren't sure where to begin, check out our sustainable packing tips below to make your campsite eligible for special prizes.

Sustainable Packing Tips - Planning to Party:

With a little preparation and planning, you can greatly impact the footprint you leave behind at Electric Forest (and every other festival you may attend). So here are a few tips for packing and organizing an awesome sustainable campsite.

Planning - Think about your Purchases:

  • Look around at home, reuse or repurpose what you have before purchasing new stuff
  • Make good investments in new products that can be used for many festivals
  • Look for items that are made from recycled materials
  • Remove excess packaging materials from new products before your arrive at the festival
  • This significantly impacts the festival cleanup and also creates a lot more room to pack

Packing - Bring The Basics:

  • Bring a reusable water bottle as well as reusable cups, plates, and cutlery for your campsite
  • Bring a recycled container for cigarette butts
  • Pack biodegradable soap and a washtub for dishes, water will be available at many locations
  • Pack environmentally friendly bath and beauty products
  • Bring extra trash bags and plan a spot in your campsite for sorted trash and recycling

Work together - Pool your Resources:

Electricology Behind the Scenes

Electricology is the science of waste reduction through the use of sustainable products, composting, recycling, and most importantly, your participation. Electric Forest's sustainability efforts touch all aspects of the production and work towards significantly reducing the festival's carbon footprint. Here are a few of the many ways this is being accomplished in 2014:

  • Electric Forest Artists receive guidance to source regional and reusable materials
  • Vendors are given special resources to help generate clean compost and recycling
  • Patrons are served Compostable cups and materials inside the Venue
  • All Compost, Recycling, and Landfill waste is processed locally
  • Trash and Recycling bags are freely distributed to campers, staff, and all of production
  • Educational Signage is used for sorting to divert as much waste from landfills as possible
  • Anti Litter Incentives are given out to reduce cleanup and community impact

Thanks for your Support!

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