JUNE 25th - 28th 2015 Rothbury, Michigan


Electric Forest Camping Guidelines and Rules apply to all camping areas.

Camping Guidelines and Rules

  • Electric Forest GA campgrounds will open at 10:00 am on Thursday June 25th.
  • All vehicles/campers must leave the site by 12:00 PM on Monday June 29th.
  • The campground entrance will be open 24 hours a day and you can leave and re-enter as necessary.
  • Every person entering the campgrounds must have an Electric Forest Wristband.
  • All vehicles are subject to search upon entry and re-entry to the campgrounds. Please see the Festival Guidelines for a list of prohibited items.
  • You will be provided an area to camp next to your car that measures approximately 12’x30’. Please be respectful and use only the space you need.
  • Primitive camping amenities will be available: potable water and portable toilets will be provided in the campgrounds. There is no electricity in the campgrounds.
  • There is a General Store on-site that will have small necessities available for purchase.
  • Ice will be on sale throughout the campgrounds.
  • There is an accessible campground, located close to the venue entrance, for guests with mobility disabilities. For more information go to the Access Information page.
  • Dogs are not allowed anywhere on the festival site, including the campgrounds. Please arrange to house your dog in a nearby kennel if you cannot leave it at home. If you have a dog with you, you will be turned away at the gate.
  • Gas generators are not allowed in the campgrounds. Solar-powered generators are allowed.
  • Open campfires are not allowed at Electric Forest.
  • No fireworks, prayer lanterns, or fire performances are allowed in the campgrounds or on the festival grounds.
  • You may bring a small, portable gas grill/stove.
  • Emergency Medical Services will be available onsite. There will be medical tents and information booths throughout the campgrounds.
  • The weather in Rothbury, MI is very temperate in late June. The average temperature hovers around 75 degrees Fahrenheit; highs can be in the upper 80’s and lows in the Mid 60’s. Historically, there is very little rainfall but please come prepared for anything. One year, it rained unicorns, and a guy named Carl got lost.

Camping FAQ

1. When Can I Arrive to the Site? When Do I Have to Leave?

Unless you have purchased an early arrival add on or a Good Life Village package, we ask that you do not arrive before Thursday, June 25th at 10:00am, You’ll need to vacate your campsite by Monday, June 29th at noon.

2. Can We Leave and Re-enter the Campground?

Yes, but during the process of everybody moving in on Thursday, June 26th, we ask you to stay at your campsite. Each time you re-enter your vehicle will be subject to search. There will be a General Store on site for any last minute items you may need.

3. What Will You Be Providing at the Campgrounds?

There will be 24-hour security, medical services, port-a-lets, showers (for a small fee), and a General Store. There will be water and ice for sale, as well as ATMs and a variety of vendors within the campgrounds. There will also be free water throughout the campground.

4. What Emergency Services Will Be Available on Site? What Should I do if I Need Emergency Assistance (Medical, Police, Towing, Locksmith, etc.)?

There will be 24hr medical available throughout the campgrounds and festival site. Please locate medical stations on the map when you arrive. You can stop any mounted officer you see or any staff member you see for assistance.

5. Where Should I Go if I Lose My Keys, My Wallet or My Friends?

To the information Booth near the Main Festival Entrance. Please check the map when you arrive for exact location of the Information Booth.

6. What Will I Be Allowed to Bring into the Campgrounds? 7. Am I Allowed to Sell Food/Drink in the Camping Area?

You are NOT allowed to sell food or drink on the property. Electric Forest is on private property, and there is an-anti vending law in effect.

8. Will Bands Be Allowed to Play in the Camping Area if Not Affiliated with the Festival? Do We Need A Permit if So?

Be kind to your neighbors. If you have to plug it in (e.g. an amp), leave it at home.

9. Will Small Campfires Be Allowed in the Camping Areas? Will You Allow Fire Bins?

No, There will be no open ground based fires allowed on the premises.

10. Are We Allowed to Bring Gas Powered Generators?

Only solar powered generators are allowed.

11. Will There Be Any Electricity in the Camping Area?

No. Want power? Consider the various lodging options in THE GOOD LIFE.

12. Are Service Animals Allowed in the Campsite?

Yes. Please visit our Electric Forest Access Information page for more info.

13. Is There Cell Phone Service Available Throughout the Festival Site?

Yes, however it varies by service provider.

14. Can I Set Up a Large Pavilion Tent?

Because space is limited, there will be no pavilion tents allowed. If you require extra space, then consider one of the spacious camping spaces in Electric Forest’s GOOD LIFE VILLAGE or GOOD LIFE BACK 40 areas.

15. Will Pets Be Allowed in the Venue/Camp Grounds?

No pets are allowed. Please leave your pets at home. Pets will be picked up and placed with the local humane society. Please use the local kennels if you are traveling with your pet. If a pet is found inside the car you will be turned away.

16. What Facilities Are You Providing for Guests with Disabilities?

There will be an Accessible Campground. Please visit our Access Information page for details about our Access Program for guests with disabilities.

17. Where Will We Be Camping/Parking? Are We Going to Be Able to Camp Next to Our Cars?

Upon arrival you will be directed into the campsite to park. You will set up camp next to your car. Once parked we ask that you leave your car at your campsite. Unless you have secured Group Camping, you will not be guaranteed a spot next to your friends in GA Camping. Please plan on parking where indicated, then meeting your friends at the Information Booth or other central point on the map.

18. Will There Be a Clean and Sober Camping Area?

Yes! Camp Traction is here to support those who choose to experience The Forest clean and sober!
Learn more at http://www.electricforestfestival.com/experience/camptraction/

19. How big are camping spots in GA Camping?

Car Camping spots are approximately 12′x30′

20. Can I rent a tent?

Yes, if you reserve one. See tent rental details on the ticketing page.

21. Will there be a place to charge my cell phone?

Yes, please check back for details closer to the festival.

22. If I camp in GA Camping, can I visit my friends in The Maplewoods?

No, but your friends in The Maplewoods can visit you!

23. If I camp in Woodside Tents, can I visit my friends in The Maplewoods?


24. My friends are coming in a different car, can I camp with them in GA?

Yes, if you reserve a group camping spot. Click here for group camping information.

25. My friends who aren't in the Enchanted Campground with me would like to visit, can they?

Friends who are camped elsewhere are welcome to visit the Enchanted Campground, as long as you escort them!

26. What is "Tent Only Camping"

Tent Only Camping is for those who arrive without a vehicle – by bike, bus, or public transit. Space in Tent Only Camping is limited and will be granted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For a list of bus trips to Electric Forest, click here.

Group Camping FAQ

1. What is Group Camping?

Group Camping is a hassle-free way for you to organize your your group of friends into a designated campsite at Electric Forest. No matter when or how you arrive, you’ll have a guaranteed spot waiting for you and everyone in your crew.

2. How do I sign my crew up for Group Camping?

Someone will elect to become a Group Leader and put down a deposit to reserve a group camping space. The person who is the Group Leader will be given a passcode to distribute to anyone they would like. Each person will then use the passcode to join the group.

3. How much does Group Camping cost?

$135 to reserve a spot ($100 of which is refundable) and $35 per person for every member of your group.

4. How many people can camp at our group campsite?

Group Camping requires a minimum of 20 people, but you’re welcome to have more than that if you’d like.

5. How many vehicles can we have at our group campsite?

You will be allowed one (1) vehicle per every three (3) people in your group. It will be the Group Leader’s job to coordinate who in your camp will need a car parking pass. Do not arrive with more vehicles than vehicle passes. Carpooling is encouraged.

6. Where will my Group Camping campsite be located?

Group Camping guarantees your group a designated campsite near the main festival gates, as well as close to the vendor area.

7. Does everyone in my group need a festival ticket?

Yes. Everyone who joins your group must have a festival ticket. All festival ticket purchases will be verified before any Group Camping spot is confirmed.

Add group camping to your purchase.

The Good Life FAQ

If your question cannot be answered below, contact The Good Life Concierge Service at goodlife@electricforestfestival.com or 888-805-8930!

1. Is the Good Life Electric Forest's VIP Program?

YES. The GOOD LIFE is Electric Forest’s VIP Program. Check out all of THE GOOD LIFE Packages for a variety of VIP and on-site lodging experiences.

2. What Do the Good Life Packages Include?

All GOOD LIFE packages include: on-site camping or select accommodations, specified quantity of GOOD LIFE Weekend Ticket(s) and amenities – including access to fantastic GOOD LIFE Viewing Areas at Electric Forest’s two largest stages, exclusive air-conditioned bathrooms, showers in the campgrounds, exclusive air-conditioned bathroom facilities in the main stage venue, and so much more. Plus, each specific GOOD LIFE Neighborhood offers its own additional amenities. Visit THE GOOD LIFE web section for full details.

3. What are the Differences Between the Good Life Village, the Good Life Back 40, and the Good Life Frontier?

Each GOOD LIFE neighborhood offers a distinctly different living experience for a variety of budgets. But no matter which GOOD LIFE experience you choose, you are indeed living THE GOOD LIFE. Visit THE GOOD LIFE web section for full details.

4. Is There Free Food and Drink in the Good Life Areas?

It depends on which GOOD LIFE neighborhood you are staying in. THE BACK 40 and THE FRONTIER Packages include a delicious catered brunch each morning. Visit THE GOOD LIFE web section for full details.

5. Which Good Life Packages Offer RV Spots?

THE VILLAGE and THE BACK 40 both offer RV options. In THE VILLAGE, opt in for an RV Pass at checkout. For THE BACK 40, choose the RV/Camping Spot Package. Visit THE GOOD LIFE web section for full details.

6. Will There Be Shower Facilities in the Good Life Areas?

Each GOOD LIFE area offers exclusive bathrooms and showers in the campgrounds, and exclusive air-conditioned bathrooms in the Festival venue.

7. Can My Friends Park Their Cars Next to My RV in My Good Life Neighborhood?

If you and your friends all have purchased GOOD LIFE Packages in the same GOOD LIFE area, you can park together. To guarantee that you park/camp next to your friends, please arrive together.

8. Are There On-site Shuttle Services Available for Good Life Areas? What is the Shuttle Schedule?

There is a 24-hour shuttle service around the festival site for BACK 40 and FRONTIER GOOD LIFE Pass holders – now with increased service. The shuttle will run at regular intervals. The specific shuttle schedule will be available upon arrival at Electric Forest. THE GOOD LIFE VILLAGE offers access to the Overnight Good Life Village Express Shuttle, which takes you from the Village to General Admission camping and back.

9. Which Good Life Areas Have Wireless Internet Access?

THE FRONTIER Packages offer free wireless Internet access

10. Which Good Life Areas Have Separate Entrances?

All GOOD LIFE patrons have exclusive GOOD LIFE entrances into the Festival grounds.

11. Are there in and out Privileges in the Good Life?

Everything you need will be at your fingertips. But should the occasion arise that you need to leave, you can exit the property and return anytime throughout the Festival.

12. Is It Possible to Remain a Few Days After the Event Takes Place?

The entire property needs to be vacated by 12 NOON on Monday, June 30th, 2014

13. Will There Be Daily Housekeeping Services in the Back 40?

Yes, there is daily housekeeping including towels and a freshly made bed!

14. What if I Need To Cancel My Good Life Package?

All GOOD LIFE packages are non-refundable.

15. My friends are coming in a different car, can I camp with them in the Good Life Village?

Yes, if you arrive together.

Available Good Life wristband and lodging options.

RV Information

  • RVs will only be allowed in specified RV Camping areas.
  • RV Passes must be purchased in advance.
  • An RV is defined as any vehicle larger either in length, width or height than a normal fifteen (15)-passenger van. All oversized vehicles, trailers, campers that are towed, and busses are considered RVs. This also includes any form of a pop-up camper/trailer.
  • Every vehicle entering the GOOD LIFE BACK 40 RV Park and the GOOD LIFE VILLAGE RV Area must have an RV Pass, except for (1) companion vehicle arriving with the RV. RVs entering THE VILLAGE must have purchased THE VILLAGE RV Pass.
  • Every person in your party must have a wristband. For Electric Forest GA RV Pass holders, each person in the RV must have a Weekend Wristband. For GOOD LIFE VIP RV Pass holders, each person must have purchased a corresponding GOOD LIFE Package (i.e. THE VILLAGE or THE BACK 40 RV/Camping Package).
  • General Admission RV Pass holders can arrive beginning at 10 AM on Thursday, June 25th and must depart by 12:00 PM on Monday, June 29th.
  • GOOD LIFE VILLAGE RV Pass holders can arrive beginning at 4 PM on Wednesday, June 24th and must depart by 12:00 PM on Monday, June 29th.
  • Electric Forest Staff will check RVs and vehicles entering all RV Camping areas for any items not permitted on site, as specified in the Camping Guidelines. Security Staff will confiscate any such items and may refuse entry to the site.


1. What Constitutes an "RV"?

An RV is defined as any vehicle larger either in length, width or height than a normal fifteen (15)-passenger van. All oversized vehicles, trailers, campers that are towed and busses are considered RVs.

2. Can My Friends Park Their Cars Next to My RV?

One companion vehicle arriving with the RV will be allowed. Companion vehicles will not be allowed into the RV Park unless they are accompanying an RV upon entering.

3. Can We Park RVs in the Same Group Next to One Another?

Yes, provided that all RVs in your party arrive together.

4. Will There Be Hookups or Dumping Areas in the Main Electric Forest RV Camping Areas?

There will be hookups or dumping stations available to GOOD LIFE only, based on the package purchased.
Pumping and water refills are available in GA camping for a fee.

5. Can I Park an RV in the Accessible Campground Area for Guests with Disabilities?

Yes, please visit our Access Information page for details about our Access Program for guests with disabilities.

6. Will We Be Allowed to Move Our RV Once It Is Parked?

Once parked, you cannot move your RV. If you want to park with friends, please arrive at the same time.

7. Will There Be Any Gas for Sale Onsite in Case We Run Out?

No, there WILL NOT be gas available on site. Please fill up before you arrive on site. Not only will this save you the worry, but it will also support the local economy.

8. Are Fires Allowed?

There will be no open, ground-based fires allowed on the premises

9. Can my friends with GA wristbands stay in my Good Life RV?

No, everyone in the GOOD LIFE must have a GOOD LIFE wristband.

Available RV options.