See You In 2017! Rothbury, Michigan


Water Policy in Venue Area

  • One sealed bottle of water allowed, no more than one gallon
  • Camelbacks and re-useable water bottles must be empty
  • Water filling stations are throughout the venue

Prohibited Items at Electric Forest

These items will be confiscated if found and may not be returned.

  • No fireworks, flying prayer lanterns, or explosives
  • No drones
  • No laser pointers
  • No illegal substances
  • No weapons of any kind
  • No tiki torches
  • No golf clubs
  • No hammers
  • No American Indian headdresses*
  • No threatening signs or apparel*

Prohibited items in Venue Area

These items will be confiscated if found in the venue area and may not be returned.

  • No outside alcohol, food, or beverage (exception: see Water Policy above)
  • No laser pointers
  • No chairs, beach chairs, or lawn furniture
  • No audio recording equipment/pro cameras/video equipment
  • No glass or glass containers of any kind
  • No knives of any kind
  • No framed or large backpacks
  • No picnic baskets
  • No tents or umbrellas
  • No bicycles, skateboards, or scooters
  • No frisbees
  • No American Indian headdresses*
  • No threatening signs or apparel*

*A note on headdresses & threatening messages: at Electric Forest, all should feel safe, comfortable, and welcome.

In this spirit, HQ requests that those who would bring American Indian Headdresses to the festival leave them at home. Out of respect for this community, it is inappropriate to wear headdresses outside of traditional ceremony.

Additionally, while HQ supports diversity in signs, totems, and articles of clothing, words or images that threaten harm to others are not welcome at the festival.

The Festival reserves the right to confiscate items deemed to be in violation of these two policies at its discretion.

In such a creative community, HQ is confident that these requests will open up new, more inclusive creative opportunities for all who attend. Thank you for making choices that support and inspire all members of the Forest Family.

Campground Alcohol Policy

You must be 21+ to consume alcohol in the campgrounds. A reasonable amount of unopened beer and wine (limited to 1 case of beer and one box of wine per person), will be permitted to be brought onto your camping area. If, however, in the security’s judgment anyone in the vehicle is intoxicated, or the alcohol is open, then the organizers reserve the right to confiscate the alcohol. Kegs, glass, liquor, or vending of alcohol is not permitted in the campgrounds, and alcohol may not be brought from the campsites into the festival venue.

Totem Guidelines

  • Your totem must be no taller than 7 ft
  • Your totem stick should be made of something light (makes it easier to carry anyway!) – use PVC pipe or similar, no wood or metal, please!
  • Don’t put anything that could gash a head or poke out an eye on the end of that totem. If it looks like you’re preparing for a medieval joust, security may take it away!
  • No threatening messages on totems

Medical Prescriptions

Medical Prescriptions must be in their original bottle with label attached. Your ID must match the name on the label.

Children’s Info

All children ages 3 and up must have a wristband. Children age 2 and under are admitted free of charge.

Should you get separated from your child, lost parents are asked to check in at the nearest Medical Center or Information Booth. Children who are looking for their parent(s) will be brought there to be reunited.

Health and Safety

In the case of an emergency, please contact the nearest staff member for help. There are medics onsite who are fully equipped to deal with all situations.

People bringing medicines to the event should declare them to security at the search and may have them stored in the medical center if required.

The festival is outdoors. Please come prepared for any weather. This includes sun hats and sunscreen, sweaters, raincoats, and sturdy shoes.

Please note location of Exits, Information Points, First Aid Areas, and Water Refill Stations.

Please cooperate with staff, security and police. They are there to help make sure that everyone has a good time.

Please drink alcohol responsibly.

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and electrolytes.

While there will be 24 hour security onsite, Electric Forest cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items. When you leave your tent, please take valuables with you and lock your car and tent.

Clean & Sober Campground

Camp Traction is here to support those who choose to experience The Forest clean and sober!
Click here to learn more.

Access Info

Electric Forest aims to be as accessible as possible. If you are planning on attending Electric Forest and have special needs, please click here. For all Access Information, contact our Access Specialist with any specific inquiries. Customers are not required to purchase a specific ADA Ticket.

Kennel Info

Dogs are not allowed anywhere on the festival site, including the campgrounds. If you have a dog with you, you will be turned away at the gate. Please arrange to house your dog in a nearby kennel if you cannot leave it at home. For your convenience, we have listed local area kennel information below. Please note that this list is intended to provide helpful information; these kennels are not Electric Forest sanctioned.

Modaka Kennels & Supply
5023 S. 48th Avenue
New Era, MI 49446

Cedar Coast Boarding Kennels
6475 S 50th Ave
Montague, MI

Dog Star Ranch
4200 Whitehall Rd
Muskegon, MI

Kaley Park Kennels
4725 Harvey St
Muskegon, MI


Electric Forest will offer a wide assortment of food/drink, crafts, and other vendors throughout the Festival site. No unauthorized vending is allowed, you must complete an application and be accepted in order to vend. Unauthorized food and craft merchandise may be confiscated.

For food vending inquiries, please email us at

For craft vending inquiries, please email us at


Electric Forest will begin accepting Media Credential inquiries once the 2016 lineup has been announced. Please return at that time for details on the credential application process.
For immediate media needs, please contact