Electric Forest Festival

Group Camping FAQ


1) What is Group Camping?

Group Camping is a hassle-free way for you to organize your your group of friends into a designated campsite at Electric Forest. No matter when or how you arrive, you'll have a guaranteed spot waiting for you and everyone in your crew.

2) How do I sign my crew up for Group Camping?

Someone will elect to become a Group Leader and put down a deposit to reserve a group camping space. The person who is the Group Leader will be given a passcode to distribute to anyone they would like. Each person will then use the passcode to join the group.

3) How much does Group Camping cost?

$100 to reserve a spot ($75 of which is refundable), and $25 per person for every member of your group.

4) How many people can camp at our group campsite?

Group Camping requires a minimum of 20 people, but you're welcome to have more than that if you'd like.

5) How many vehicles can we have at our group campsite?

You will be allowed one (1) vehicle per every three (3) people in your group. It will be the Group Leader's job to coordinate who in your camp will need a car parking pass. Do not arrive with more vehicles than vehicle passes. Carpooling is encouraged.

6) Where will my Group Camping campsite be located?

Group Camping guarantees your group a designated campsite near the main festival gates, as well as close to the vendor area.

7) Does everyone in my group need a festival ticket?

Yes. Everyone who joins your group must have a festival ticket. All festival ticket purchases will be verified before any Group Camping spot is confirmed.