Electric Forest Festival


Introducing Psychedelic Friendship Bingo & Daily Yoga at EF 2014!

May. 19th, 2014

Dig out your daubers and lucky charms because Psychedelic Friendship Bingo is coming to Electric Forest, with plans to unleash the impeccable improv and good times you've grown to desire! Part B-I-N-G-O... part Interactive Gameshow... ALL FUN... Psychedelic Friendship Bingo is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. In true bingo fashion, there will be awesome prizes available and fans can look forward to appearances by Electric Forest celebrity guests throughout the weekend! Psychedelic Friendship Bingo will take place at The Observatory inside the Sherwood Forest. 4 nights in a row, 3 games per night!

Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga

Ease your body and your mind with our free yoga sessions, held throughout the festival at Electric Forest 2014. Leading each session is professional yoga instructor Hannah Muse, a longtime veteran of the practice. Her classes are more than just a series of physical poses: although you will probably sweat, her teachings encompass mantra, pranayama, meditation, mudra, philosophy and her asana instruction combines therapeutic physical alignment with dynamic pranic flows that nourish, strengthen and heal both the physical and subtle energy body. Stay tuned for the official Electric Forest Schedule for yoga times and locations.


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Forest Update - Lineup Additions, Upgraded Camping, Balloons, & Monarchs!

Apr. 17th, 2014

Greetings Forest Family! The third round of lineup additions have been released! Welcome to The Forest Excision, Classixx, Tycho, Gemini Club, Cosby Sweater, Dixon's Violin, After Funk, Emerson Jay, and The Woven Tangles!

And- there's even more goodness in store... Read on for info on new VIP Upgrades, Bassrush & Deep in The Forest, The Monarch Program, The Forest Ninja Challenge with The Glitch Mob, and the 2014 Instrumental Forester!

See you in 71 days!

Announcing The New Tripolee Comfort Campground and Revamped Electric Access Package
Forest HQ has received a ton of questions from people looking for an upgraded camping experience since the Good Life has sold out, so we're excited to announce the new Tripolee Comfort Campground, with many Good Life amenities and rage-front camping. Click here for more information on the Tripolee Comfort Campground.

And for those of you who want to do as the artists do, we are introducing a new Electric Access package with private airport transportation, Ranch Arena side-stage viewing, dedicated golf cart service, and more! Click here for more information on the Electric Access program.
Bassrush & Deep In The Forest Lineup
Announcing the Lineups for Bassrush and Deep In The Forest, curated events on the Tripolee stage!

The Monarch Program

The Electric Forest King & Queen contest has transformed and reemerged as the Monarch Program - the royal golf cart remains, the Good Life VIP tickets are still waiting, but there is a greater focus on the biggest question for any potential Monarch - what would you change if you were to rule?
Learn more here.
The Forest Ninja Challenge

Would you like to ride in a hot air balloon over Electric Forest with The Glitch Mob?
Join us each week as nonprofits teach ninja festival skills for a chance to win sold out Good Life VIP tickets, tree tent camping, and a hot air balloon ride with The Glitch Mob.
Learn more here.
The Instrumental Forester

Congratulations After Funk, this year's Instrumental Forester! With over 60 glorious submissions, including several odes to The Forest, HQ and Bud Light had some serious work to do in deciding a winner. We couldn't resist adding a couple slots for runners up The Woven Tangles and Emerson Jay!
Learn more here.

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Group Camping at Electric Forest - SOLD OUT!

Apr. 2nd, 2014

We have SOLD OUT of all of the available spaces for our new Group Camping program at Electric Forest. Thanks to everyone who jumped in! If your crew signed up, make sure to contact your Group Leader for info on how to join your group. 

To join an existing group, click HERE.

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