The heart of Electric Forest

Jun. 25th, 2013

The heart of Electric Forest, what we now call The Sherwood Forest, is first and foremost an environment. Above all of the jaw-dropping light and art displays, it is a dynamic, living ecosystem with all of the interacting components part of any environment in nature.

This past winter, we identified a beetle infestation (the bug, not the band!) in a small but worrisome number of trees inside the central area of The Sherwood Forest. After much study, it was determined that in order to preserve the ecosystem, the only conservation management plan was to cut and remove all infected trees. It is the expectation of conservation experts that with implementation of this forest management plan, we will increase tree health and vigor of The Forest, and all of the critters that call it home year-round, for years to come.

While we assist in the ongoing health of The Forest, the festival is proud to put thoughtful, art-centered gathering spaces inspired by the very nature of the site in which they were constructed – namely, the relocated Forest Stage and the brand-new Observatory Stage. Please enjoy these spaces in celebration, and with reverence, of the potential perfect balance between humans and nature that we must individually and collectively always strive to find. For you conservationists and scientists out there – Google the Diplodea and Bark Beatle for all the details on the unstoppable damage these pests can do if left to their own device.

See you in (the well-loved and cared for) Forest!

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