A Walk Through Electric Forest 2013

Jul. 31st, 2013

Electric Forest 2013 only recently wrapped up, but we already know that our adventures there have changed us forever. We're more curious, we give more, we get more, we smile broader, we feel deeper. There is a saying that is quickly becoming Electric Forest lore... "You walk into the Forest to lose yourself, but instead end up truly finding yourself."

The variety of ways in which an individual can experience Electric Forest are endless. All the while, the story unfolding is undeniably communal, building momentum as the moments, hours and days progress. And all of it stays with us long after...

Along this Walk Through Electric Forest 2013, consider your singular, intimate moments, and where they intertwined with the epic, grand-scale adventure of Electric Forest. Hold it. Share it. 'Til next year...!

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