Electric Forest Festival

Solar-Go Charging

The Sun with all its awesome energy will be shining at Electric Forest this June 2014... and we are using its natural, sustainable power to keep your phone charged the entire weekend of the festival.

Keeping your devices charged at EF has never been greener and easier than with our unique SUN S.P.E.C.K. (Solar Powered Electronic Charging Kiosk)! We sell you the battery and we recharge it with the Sun when you bring it back and swap it out for another fully charged battery.

It's our goal to keep you charged up all weekend long, and with one easy battery sale/rental system, you'll never miss a beat or a photo or a video …so order your limited edition Electric Forest keepsake battery now, and stay charged!

Nerd Specs:

Our portable, dust-proof, waterproof Thin Lithium Ion Polymer battery comes with a uniquely designed, very durable case made of rubber silicone. The battery has a 4 LED display that defines the capacity, charging and discharging status. These lights indicate the percent of battery life remaining in your phone. Four lights on = 95%-100% capacity, 1 light on - you need to recharge the battery. They're even equipped with a state of the art battery control chip which prevents over charging or over discharging. The Solar-Go standard 5V output can charge just about every different mobile phone on the market, so don't miss out!


A one-time charge of $25.00 is all you'll need to pick up your battery at one of our two locations on the Electric Forest grounds. This price includes one exchange per day of a similar fully charged battery at no additional cost!

The Licensed Electric Forest Keepsake batteries are available through pre-sale online purchase, only while supplies last. Act fast and "Stay Charged my Friends" for the entire weekend at EF2014. Pay for it online and come by either one of our two locations at Electric Forrest and pick up your Solar-Go - Electric Forest battery.

Reserve your Electric Forest battery here!

NOTE: 6/18/2014 - Solar-Go has sold out of the Electric Forest Keepsake batteries. The same powerful 5000 mAh charging batteries are still available, but they will not have the EF logo on it.