Electric Forest Festival



1) Is the Good Life Electric Forest's VIP Program?

YES. The GOOD LIFE is Electric Forest's VIP Program. Check out all of THE GOOD LIFE Packages for a variety of VIP and on-site lodging experiences

2) What Do the Good Life Packages Include?

All GOOD LIFE packages include: on-site camping or select accommodations, specified quantity of GOOD LIFE Weekend Ticket(s) and amenities – including access to fantastic GOOD LIFE Viewing Areas at Electric Forest's two largest stages, exclusive air-conditioned bathrooms, showers in the campgrounds, exclusive air-conditioned bathroom facilities in the main stage venue, and so much more. Plus, each specific GOOD LIFE Neighborhood offers its own additional amenities. Visit THE GOOD LIFE web section for full details.

3) What are the Differences Between the Good Life Village, the Good Life Back 40, and the Good Life Frontier?

Each GOOD LIFE neighborhood offers a distinctly different living experience for a variety of budgets. But no matter which GOOD LIFE experience you choose, you are indeed living THE GOOD LIFE. Visit THE GOOD LIFE web section for full details.

4) Is There Free Food and Drink in the Good Life Areas?

It depends on which GOOD LIFE neighborhood you are staying in. THE BACK 40 and THE FRONTIER Packages include a delicious catered brunch each morning. Visit THE GOOD LIFE web section for full details.

5) Which Good Life Packages Offer RV Spots?

THE VILLAGE and THE BACK 40 both offer RV options. In THE VILLAGE, opt in for an RV Pass at checkout. For THE BACK 40, choose the RV/Camping Spot Package. Visit THE GOOD LIFE web section for full details.

6) Will There Be Shower Facilities in the Good Life Areas?

Each GOOD LIFE area offers exclusive bathrooms and showers in the campgrounds, and exclusive air-conditioned bathrooms in the Festival venue.

7) Can My Friends Park Their Cars Next to My RV in My Good Life Neighborhood?

If you and your friends all have purchased GOOD LIFE Packages in the same GOOD LIFE area, you can park together. To guarantee that you park/camp next to your friends, please arrive together.

8) Are There On-site Shuttle Services Available for Good Life Areas? What is the Shuttle Schedule?

There is a 24-hour shuttle service around the festival site for BACK 40 and FRONTIER GOOD LIFE Pass holders - now with increased service. The shuttle will run at regular intervals. The specific shuttle schedule will be available upon arrival at Electric Forest. THE GOOD LIFE VILLAGE offers access to the Overnight Good Life Village Express Shuttle, which takes you from the Village to General Admission camping and back.

9) Which Good Life Areas Have Wireless Internet Access?

THE FRONTIER Packages offer free wireless Internet access

10) Which Good Life Areas Have Separate Entrances?

All GOOD LIFE patrons have exclusive GOOD LIFE entrances into the Festival grounds.

11) Are there in and out Privileges in the Good Life?

Everything you need will be at your fingertips. But should the occasion arise that you need to leave, you can exit the property and return anytime throughout the Festival.

12) Is It Possible to Remain a Few Days After the Event Takes Place?

The entire property needs to be vacated by 12 NOON on Monday, June 30th, 2014

13) Will There Be Daily Housekeeping Services in the Back 40?

Yes, there is daily housekeeping including towels and a freshly made bed!

14) What if I Need To Cancel My Good Life Package?

All GOOD LIFE packages are non-refundable.