The 2018 Event

1. Can I bring a grill or have a fire pit, tiki torches, or candles?

No. Only small, coleman-style propane or butane cook stoves are allowed. No other open flame is permitted.

2. If I am staying off site, can I leave and come back?

Yes. If you are staying off site, you will be able to come and go throughout the weekend.

3. How long can I leave my car in Day Parking before it is towed?

If your car remains in day parking an hour after music has ended each night, it may be towed at your expense.

4. Will you be posting set times in advance? Where can I find exact set times?

Set times will be posted as a print-at-home schedule on this website as the festival date approaches.

5. How hot will it get in the day and how cold will it get at night?

Historically, the town of Rothbury receives very little rain during the months of June and July, and temperatures hover around 65-80 degrees fahrenheit during the day and 55-65 degrees fahrenheit at night.

Please come prepared for all kinds of weather.

6. I'm a photographer, how do I arrange a photo pass?

If you are an unaffiliated photographer, please check out the UnMEDIAted Photo Program.
If you have an inquiry about press passes for Electric Forest, please email

7. I am not a photographer but would like to bring my own camera. What are the specs on the cameras allowed?

Small handheld/point and shoot cameras without additional lenses are acceptable within the festival venue.

Yes, you can bring your GoPro.

8. Are you hiring people to work or volunteer at the event?

Stay tuned for opportunities to work in The Forest!

9. Can I pass out flyers in the venue or outside the venue on the festival grounds?

No, there is no unauthorized solicitation on the grounds or in any of the parking lots/camping areas.

10. Will there be an information booth/area?

Yes, there will be several information booths near the venue entrance and inside the festival grounds. They will be listed on the map.

In the campgrounds, please visit your closest Neighborhood Pod once you have set up camp to get oriented to your local hub! Neighborhood Pods will have 24 hour information and medical staff, showers, ice, and more.

11. Will there be first aid onsite?


Inside the festival grounds, there will be several medical booths. They will be listed on the map.

In the campgrounds, please visit your closest Neighborhood Pod once you have set up camp to get oriented to your local hub! Neighborhood Pods will have 24 hour information and medical staff, showers, ice, and more.

12. Will there be drinking fountains? And/or how much is water?

There will be free water refill stations throughout the campgrounds and within the festival venue.

Water will also be available at very reasonable prices from food and beverage vendors throughout the grounds as well.

13. Will there be sunglasses/visors or hats/sunscreen sold?

These items will be available at the General Store near the Venue Entrance. Please check the map upon arrival for exact location of the General Store.

Event merchandise will also be available at Official Forest Goods locations.

14. Will there be flushable toilets and sinks available?

There will be hand-washing stations in select areas in the campground and venue, and flushable toilets in The Good Life areas only.

15. Will there be accessible parking/bathrooms for guests with disabilities? Where?

Yes, please visit our Access Information page for details about our Access Program for guests with disabilities.

16. Will there be payphones?


17. Are lockers available at the festival? 18. Will there be a festival map available ahead of time?

Yes, please visit back as the event date approaches.

19. What is your re-entry policy?

We ask that you come prepared to keep your car parked at your campsite throughout the festival. The General Store will be stocked with your every festival need.

However, for those who need to exit the festival grounds, please know that your car will be subject to search upon re-entering the camping area.

20. Can I leave on foot and return?

You can, but the nearest shopping is miles away and walking is discouraged.

21. What types of vendors will be on hand?

There will be a variety of food/beverage and crafts vendors throughout the festival site. Food vendors, which will include organic and vegetarian options, will use only compostable serving materials.

22. I am interested in becoming an Art/Crafts or Food Vendor at Electric Forest. How do I fill out an application? 23. Will there be AA meetings or any type of clean & sober support or camping?

Yes! While not affiliated with AA, Camp Traction is here to support those who choose to experience The Forest clean and sober!

Learn more here.

24. I locked my keys in my car/My car won't start. Will there be a tow truck or AAA to help me?

Yes, there will be a locksmith and tow truck company servicing the festival.

You can find help for your car at the Electric Forest Information Booth located near the General Store or at your Neighborhood Pod. Check your festival map for exact locations.

25. Should I bring my ID?

Yes, even if you are under 21 or not planning to drink, you should bring your ID.

26. Is there day parking for people who are staying off site?

There will be a day parking lot available near the South Toll Booth entrance. Exit the highway onto Winston road and then proceed to the South Toll booth off of Water road. Please ask for day parking when you arrive with the flow of festival traffic.

Day parking will be offered for no additional charge.

27. Will there be a map of art installations and Sherwood Forest features?

Discovery is a part of the experience. HQ will not label Sherwood Forest features on the map.

28. Can I bring alcohol to my campsite?

You must be 21+ to consume alcohol in the campgrounds. A reasonable amount of unopened beer and wine (limited to 1 case of beer and one box of wine per person), will be permitted to be brought onto your camping area. If, however, in the security’s judgment anyone in the vehicle is intoxicated, or the alcohol is open, then the organizers reserve the right to confiscate the alcohol.

Kegs, glass, liquor, or vending of alcohol is not permitted in the campgrounds, and alcohol may not be brought from the campsites into the festival venue.

29. Where is the Media & Guest List Check-in?

Please contact the person who confirmed your media or guest list credential for arrival instructions.

30. I need to pick someone up or drop someone off, where do I go? 

Please make your pick ups and drop offs at the festival Cell Phone lot. The Cell Phone Lot is located at the South entrance to the festival. Please take Winston Road to Water Road and follow the signs to the box office.

31. Can I enter on my motorcycle?

Yes, however you absolutely cannot use your motorcycle for transportation within the festival campgrounds. It must remain parked at your camp for the entire weekend. Those found in violation may be asked to keep their motorcycles outside of the campgrounds for the remainder for the festival.

Motorcycles do not need a single (1) occupant parking pass.


1. I need to use Will Call - tell me everything about it?

Will Call & The Box Office are located next to the entrance. Please enter with the flow of traffic and look for signs for Will Call. You can also ask any parking staff. There will be an area to park your car and walk to the Will Call windows.

If the gates are open, the Box Office & Will Call are open. This includes during Wednesday Early Arrival and for 24 hours for the duration of the event.

Please print out your barcoded receipt and bring that, along with your government issued photo ID, to the Box Office to pick up your wristband(s). If you forgot to print out your receipt, you can pull it up on your phone.

If a name change on a Will Call order is required, the original purchaser must contact Front Gate Tickets at 888-512-7469 to make that adjustment.

2. Where is my parking pass?

All Early Arrival & Single Occupant Parking Passes will be delivered via email in advance of the event. If you do not see your pass, please check your spam folder, and then email with your order number and a request to have the pass resent. Please print your pass out. If you are ordering a pass now, please note that it will be emailed to you immediately along with your purchase confirmation.

3. When can I pick up my Second Weekend Wristbands from Will Call?

Second Weekend wristbands will need to be picked up on the Second Weekend. Second Weekend patrons and anyone holding multiple weekend orders must visit Will Call once the gates to the second weekend open to pick up their wristbands.

4. Can I exchange my wristband for the other weekend?

No. You can sell the wristband for the weekend you cannot attend on the official wristband exchange when it opens. HQ recommends that you do not wait to purchase the Wristband or Lodging Package for the weekend you prefer.

5. Can I buy a wristband at the gate?

Yes, you can purchase a Second Weekend wristband at the gate – however availability is limited and the even may sell out, so please purchase online if possible. To purchase on site, pull off into the box office area before you enter. If the gates are open, the box office is open – 24 hours a day!

The Box Office accepts Cash or Credit – all major card types accepted. Pre-Paid Gift Cards are not accepted.

Please also keep in mind that Forest HQ can only guarantee the validity of Wristbands and Lodging Packages purchased directly from The Box Office, Front Gate Tickets, or the Official Wristband Exchange.

6. Will tickets sell out? Do I need to get one now?

It is always best to lock in your Wristband or Lodging Package at the on sale. Layaway Payment Plans are available to allow you to secure your Forest experience and pay over time.

7. What kinds of tickets can I buy?

For a full list of available wristband and lodging types, please click here.
Single and Two Day passes are not available.

8. What kinds of credit cards can I use to buy tickets?

We accept all major debit/credit cards including international cards. Sorry, we do not accept PayPal or prepaid credit/debit cards.

9. What do I get with a General Admission (GA) Camping Wristband?

General Admission Camping Wristbands are the basic wristband for the festival. All GA Electric Forest Wristbands include four days of festival access and on site camping.

Parking is complimentary for cars with more than 1 occupant.

10. Can I put my purchase on layaway? 11. How many wristbands can I buy? Is there a limit?


There is a GA and Good Life Village total event Wristband purchase limit of six (8).

For Loyalty Programs there is a lower purchase limit depending on your Loyalty Program level.

This limit applies per person, per transaction, per credit card, per billing address, per email address, and per other identifying factors.

Any person or group that exceeds the wristband limit in any way is subject to and at risk of order cancellation and refunding at the discretion of Electric Forest and its partners at any time after initial purchase.

12. I need to change my shipping/billing/layaway information! 13. How do I upgrade or add something to my order?

To upgrade from a GA wristband to a Good Life Village, Back 40 or Frontier Package, add someone to your package, or add an RV pass to your order, contact our ticketing partner if the option to purchase is not available on the website.

14. Do my kids need a ticket?

All children ages 3 and up must have a wristband. Children age 2 and under are admitted free of charge.

15. Can I bring my RV?

RV Parking requires the purchase of an RV Pass. An RV is defined as any vehicle larger in length or height than a normal 12 passenger van. The length limit for a non-RV is 16 feet. Any vehicle, or vehicle + towed trailer of any kind, that is over 16 feet in length needs an RV Pass.
Please click here for RV Pass Options.

16. I can’t come any more, what do I do?

The Forest will miss you! Wristbands and packages are nonrefundable.

If you are reselling your wristband, your karma will be infinitely improved if you offer it for face value.

Electric Forest can only guarantee the legitimacy wristbands purchased directly from Front Gate Tickets or the Official Wristband Exchange.

17. How do I transfer my wristband to someone else before they ship?

If the wristband has not shipped, the order can be updated by the original purchaser only and shipped wherever or to whoever the original purchaser requests. Only one (1) change is permitted per order. Call 888-512-SHOW to update your order.

18. How do I transfer ownership of my wristband to someone else after they ship?

Do not register the wristband in your name, have the other person register the wristband in their name.

19. What is the deadline to change will call names?

You are encouraged to change names before wristbands are shipped, or to physically give the wristband to the person you intend it for.

If the wristband has not been shipped, the original purchaser can call Front Gate at 888.512.7469 to change the name of an existing will call wristband that has not yet been picked up.

Please note only one name change is available per wristband. If you have already changed the wristband name once, it cannot be changed again.

20. Can I leave a wristband at the box office for my friend?

No. You must meet your friend at the box office to give them the wristband.

21. I'm leaving for Electric Forest right now, and my wristband isn't here. What do I do?

If you have not received your wristband by the time you leave for The Forest, call 888.512.7469

22. I bought a wristband that someone else already registered in their name, can I change the name?

No. A wristband can only be registered once. Please note that the original purchaser still retains control of this wristband and its activation.

23. How do I sign up for the Loyalty Program for Electric Forest 2018?

Register your wristband before the deadline with a permanent (not work or school) email address!



1. Can I bring a grill or have a fire pit?

No. Only small, coleman-style propane or butane cook stoves are allowed.

2. When can I arrive to the site? When do I have to leave?

First Weekend
Unless you have purchased an early arrival add on or a Good Life Village package, do not arrive before Thursday, June 22 at 12:01am, You must vacate your clean, empty campsite by Monday at noon.

Second Weekend
Unless you have purchased an early arrival add on or a Good Life Village package, we ask that you do not arrive before Thursday, June 29 at 12:01am.
You must vacate your clean, empty campsite by Monday at noon.

For both weekends, those who would like to arrive to the GA Campgrounds on Wednesday between 12 noon ET and 11:59 pm ET must purchase a Wednesday Arrival Parking Pass in advance. Wednesday Arrival Parking Passes are limited.

3. What are shower hours and locations?

There are showers at every neighborhood campground pod. Hours are 8am to 8pm Thursday through Sunday, and the cost is $10/shower in the GA Campgrounds.
Good Life Showers are free, with hours from 8 am to 8 pm.

4. I have a GA Wristband. What campground will I be in?

Campgrounds are assigned based on the flow of traffic and the parking crew’s work flow. HQ cannot guarantee campground placement for anyone arriving at any time, including those who are arriving on Wednesday.

5. How big are camping spots in GA Camping?

Car Camping spots are approximately 12′x30′ – this area includes the size of your camping space, as well as the space for parking for your car in your camp.

6. Can I drive my car in the campgrounds after it has been parked?

This is not an easy one to answer.
Technically, you can. But please only do so if absolutely necessary. Every campground road is a walkway for Forest Family, and it is disrespectful and can be dangerous to force your car through their yard and path.

Do not drive to the showers, or try to drive to the venue entrance. Plan to walk, take a shuttle, or use a pedicab. The general store in the campgrounds expands every year with the most requested items and more than likely can save you any trips you might make to town.

Again, please do not drive your car in the campgrounds – keep this shared space clear for everyone to enjoy!

7. Can we leave and re-enter the campground?

Yes, but during the process of everybody moving in on Wednesday and Thursday, we ask you to stay at your campsite.

Each time you re-enter your vehicle will be subject to search.

There will be a General Store on site for any last minute items you may need.

8. What will you be providing at the campgrounds?

There will be 24-hour security, medical services, portable toilets, showers (for a small fee), and a General Store. There will be water and ice for sale, as well as ATMs and a variety of vendors within the campgrounds. There will also be free water throughout the campground.

9. What emergency services will be available onsite? What should I do if I need emergency assistance (Medical, Police, Towing, Locksmith, etc.)?

There will be 24 hour medical support available throughout the campgrounds and festival site.

If you are in the venue, please locate the nearest medical or information stations on the map. It is best to note where medical stations are right when you arrive.

If you are in the campgrounds, Neighborhood Pods are the best place to go if you need any kind of help. Please visit your Neighborhood Pod when you arrive to your camp to get oriented.

You can also stop any police officer, security or staff member you see for assistance.

10. Where should I go if I lose my keys, my wallet, my phone, or my friends?

Visit the Lost and Found located next to the venue entrance for all non-friend items!
If you need help in the venue, you can visit one of the information booths that are marked on the map.
If you need help in your campground area, you can also visit the closest Neighborhood Pod. Please orient yourself to the location of your Neighborhood Pod when you arrive at Electric Forest.

11. What will I be allowed to bring into the campgrounds?

It is better to ask what you cannot bring!

Please check the Festival Guidelines for a list of what you cannot bring!

12. What do I do with my valuables?

The best choice for your valuables is to leave them at home.

Any valuables that you must bring with you should be locked in your car out of sight when you are not using them. Or, you can rent a locker in the festival venue to keep your things cool and safe.

A tent lock is not a major deterrent to someone who is out harvesting a pile of bad karma!

13. Am I allowed to sell merchandise, food, or drink in the camping area?

You are NOT allowed to sell merchandise, food, or drink on the property unless you complete a vending application and are accepted to vend at the festival.

14. Will bands be allowed to play in the camping area if not affiliated with the festival? Do we need a permit if so?

Be kind to your neighbors. If you have to plug it in (e.g. an amp), leave it at home.

15. Will small campfires be allowed in the camping area? Will you allow fire bins?

No, there will be no fires allowed on the premises.

16. Are we allowed to bring gas powered generators?

Only solar powered generators are allowed.

17. Will there be any electricity in the camping area?

No. Want power? Consider the various lodging options in the Good Life.

18. Are service animals allowed in the campsite?

Yes. Please visit our Electric Forest Access Information page for more info.

19. Is there cell phone service available throughout the festival site?

Yes, however it varies by service provider.

20. Can I set up a large pavilion tent?

Because space is limited, there will be no pavilion tents allowed. If you require extra space, consider one of the spacious camping spaces in The Good Life.

21. Will pets be allowed in the venue/campgrounds?

No pets are allowed. Please leave your pets at home. Pets will be picked up and placed with the local humane society. Please use the local kennels if you are traveling with your pet. If a pet is found inside the car you will be turned away.

22. What facilities are you providing for guests with disabilities?

There will be an Accessible Campground. Please visit our Access Information page for details about our Access Program for guests with disabilities.

23. Where will we be camping/parking? Are we going to be able to camp next to our cars?

Upon arrival you will be directed into the campsite to park. You will set up camp next to your car. Once parked we ask that you leave your car at your campsite. Unless you have secured Group Camping, you will not be guaranteed a spot next to your friends in GA Camping. Please plan on parking where indicated, then meeting your friends at the Information Booth or other central point on the map.

If your car arrives with fewer than 2 people in it, you will need to have a parking pass. Please click here for more information.

24. Will there be a clean and sober camping area?

Yes! Camp Traction is here to support those who choose to experience The Forest clean and sober!

25. Can I rent a tent?

Yes, if you reserve one in a Good Life Package.

26. Will there be a place to charge my cell phone?

Yes, please check the festival map when it is released. Lockers and kiosks with unlimited cell phone charging will also be available for purchase. Click here for more information on renting a locker.

27. If I camp in GA Camping, can I visit my friends in The Maplewoods?

No, but your friends in The Maplewoods can visit you!

28. My friends are coming in a different car, can I camp with them in GA?

Yes, if you reserve a group camping spot.

29. My friends who aren't in the Enchanted Campground with me would like to visit, can they?

Friends who are camped elsewhere are welcome to visit the Enchanted Campground, as long as you escort them!

30. What is "Tent Only Camping"?

Tent Only Camping is for those who arrive without a vehicle – by shuttle, bike, bus, or public transit. Space in Tent Only Camping is limited for those who are not on an official shuttle, and will be granted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

31. How do I get to the Maplewoods entrance? 

Please arrive with the flow of GA traffic. Parking staff will direct you to the Maplewoods parking lot.

32. Where is the Group Camping entrance?

Please arrive with the flow of GA traffic. Follow signs and instructions once you reach the toll booth. All those with a valid group camping parking pass will be directed to group camping. If you do not have a valid Group Camping Parking Pass, you must park in the GA Campgrounds

The Good Life FAQ

If your question cannot be answered below, contact The Good Life Concierge Service at or 888-805-8930!

1. Is The Good Life Electric Forest's VIP program?

Yes. The Good Life is Electric Forest’s VIP Program. Check out all of The Good Life Packages for a variety of VIP and onsite lodging experiences.

2. What do The Good Life Packages include?

All Good Life packages include:

  • On site camping or select accommodations
  • Specified quantity of Good Life Wristband(s)
  • Access to fantastic Good Life Viewing Areas at Electric Forest’s two largest stages
  • Exclusive air-conditioned bathrooms
  • Showers in the campgrounds
  • Exclusive air-conditioned bathroom facilities at the Ranch Arena Stage
  • Much more – each specific Good Life Neighborhood offers its own unique amenities!
3. What are the differences between The Good Life Village, The Good Life Back 40, and The Good Life Frontier?

Each Good Life neighborhood offers a distinctly different living experience for a variety of budgets.

Go here to learn more about The Good Life Village
Go here to learn more about The Back 40
Go here to learn more about The Frontier

No matter which Good Life experience you choose, you are indeed living The Good Life!

4. Is there free food and drink in The Good Life areas?

The Back 40 and Frontier Packages include a delicious catered brunch each morning.

5. Which Good Life Packages Offer RV Spots? 6. Will there be shower facilities in The Good Life areas?

Each Good Life area offers exclusive bathrooms and showers in the campgrounds, and exclusive air-conditioned bathrooms in the festival venue.

7. Can my friends park their cars next to my RV in my Good Life neighborhood?

If you and your friends all have purchased Good Life Packages in the same Good Life area, you can park together. To guarantee that you park/camp next to your friends, please arrive together.

8. Are there onsite shuttle services available for Good Life areas? What is the shuttle schedule?

There is a 24-hour shuttle service around the festival site. The shuttle will run at regular intervals.
The specific shuttle schedule will be available upon arrival at Electric Forest from the Good Life Concierge. The Good Life Village offers access to the overnight Good Life Village Express Shuttle, which takes you from the Village to General Admission camping and back.

9. Which good life areas have wireless internet access?

Frontier Packages offer complimentary wireless internet access.

10. Which Good Life areas have separate entrances?

All Good Life patrons have exclusive Good Life entrances into the festival grounds.

11. Are there in and out privileges in The Good Life?

Everything you need will be at your fingertips. But should the occasion arise that you need to leave, you can exit the property and return at any time throughout the festival.

Each time you re-enter your vehicle will be subject to search.

12. Is it possible to stay a few days after the event takes place?

The entire property needs to be vacated by 12 noon on Monday.

13. Will there be daily housekeeping services in the Back 40 Cabins?

Yes, there is daily housekeeping including towels and a freshly made bed!

14. What if I need to cancel my Good Life Package?

All Good Life packages are non-refundable.

15. My friends are coming in a different car, can I camp with them in The Good Life Village?

Yes, if you arrive together or have a Group Camping Pass, new for 2018 in the Good Life Village.

16. Where is the Good Life entrance & Double JJ Resort? Can you give me directions?

Please reference the arrival instructions sent to the purchasing email address for Good Life Wristbands & Lodging Packages. For questions about the Good Life, email


1. What constitutes an "RV"?

An RV is defined as any vehicle larger either in length, width or height than a normal fifteen (15)-passenger van. The length limit for a non-RV is 16 feet. Any vehicle, or vehicle + towed trailer of any kind, that is over 16 feet in length needs an RV Pass.

All oversized vehicles, trailers, campers that are towed and busses are considered RVs.

Cars, Pick Up Trucks, SUVs and up to a 12 passenger vans do not need RV pass.

15 passenger vans, sprinter vans, and RVs longer than 16’ will require an RV pass.

Cars, Pickups, SUVs and Vans that are towing a trailer will also need an RV pass.

There is no maximum size limit for RV’s.

2. Can someone without a wristband park my RV and leave?

Absolutely no one without a wristband will be allowed on the festival grounds. Please plan accordingly.

3. When can my RV arrive to the GA Campground?

RVs can arrive beginning at 12:01 am on Thursday.

If you have an early arrival parking pass, you can arrive starting at 12:00 pm Wednesday.

If arriving on Wednesday, your companion vehicle also needs its own early arrival parking pass.

4. How much space is in a GA or Good Life RV Campsite?

There will be space for your RV, a companion vehicle, and a small living room area. In the living room area you can fit 1-2 medium sized tents if you have companions camping.

5. Can my friends park their cars next to my RV?

One companion vehicle arriving with the RV will be allowed. Companion vehicles will not be allowed into the RV Park unless they are accompanying an RV upon entering.

If arriving on Wednesday, your companion vehicle also needs its own early arrival parking pass.

6. I have a truck and trailer. Is the truck my "companion vehicle?"

No – if you are driving with the truck towing the trailer, that is considered one “RV” and you can also have a detached companion vehicle.
If you are a large RV towing a car behind you, that car will be considered your companion vehicle.

7. Can we park RVs in the same group next to one another?

Yes, provided that all RVs in your party arrive together.

8. Will there be hookups or dumping areas in the Electric Forest RV Camping Areas?

There will be hookups or dumping stations available to Good Life only. In the Back 40 RV Package there are full hook ups.

Good Life Village RV Passes come with one (1) complimentary pump and dump. Pump and dump is a pumping of waste from your RV and disposing off-site. Pump and dumps do NOT include a water refill. There are no hookups for the Good Life Village RV Pass. Water refills and additional RV pumping may be purchased on site, as available.

The Back 40 RV Package includes full hookups (water, sewage, electric).

Pumping and water refills are available in GA camping for a fee. Please enquire at your neighborhood pod when you arrive. There are no hook ups in GA RV.

9. Can I park an RV in the accessible campground area for guests with disabilities?

Yes, please visit our Access Information page for details about our Access Program for guests with disabilities.

10. Will we be allowed to move our RV once It Is parked?

Once parked, you cannot move your RV. If you want to park with friends, please arrive at the same time.

11. Will there be any gas for sale on site in case we run out?

No, there WILL NOT be gas available on site. Please fill up before you arrive on site. Not only will this save you the worry – it will also support the local economy.

12. Are fires allowed?

There are no fires allowed on the premises.

13. Can my friends with GA wristbands stay in my Good Life RV?

No, everyone in The Good Life must have a Good Life wristband.

14. Can I buy an RV space if I just want a larger campground and don't have an RV?

You cannot purchase an RV space to park multiple cars and/or build a large tent camp. Please only purchase an RV pass for an RV.

15. How do I get to the GA RV Camping Entrance? 

Please arrive with the flow of GA traffic, then head for the south toll booth. Exit the highway onto Winston road and then proceed to the South Toll booth off of Water road. You will be directed to the RV Camping Entrance.

16. How do I get an RV pump and dump in the Good Life Village?

All RVs in good life get 1 complimentary pump and dump.

Guests may request their pump and dump from the Good Life Concierge. If more than one pump is required during your stay, you may purchase additional pumps and water refills through the concierge.


  • RVs will only be allowed in specified RV Camping areas.
  • RV Passes must be purchased in advance.
  • An RV is defined as any vehicle larger either in length, width or height than a normal fifteen (15)-passenger van. All oversized vehicles, trailers, campers that are towed, and busses are considered RVs. This also includes any form of a pop-up camper/trailer.
  • Every vehicle entering The Good Life BACK 40 RV Park and The Good Life Village RV Area must have an RV Pass, except for (1) companion vehicle arriving with the RV. RVs entering the Good Life Village must have purchased the corresponding RV Pass.
  • If your RV is arriving on Wednesday to the GA Campgrounds, both it and your companion vehicle must have their own Wednesday Arrival Pass
  • Every person in your party must have a wristband. For Good Life VIP RV Pass holders, each person must have a wristband that corresponds to your RV’s Good Life Neighborhood (i.e. The Good Life Village or The Back 40 RV/Camping Package).
  • RVs can arrive at the same time as the rest of the campers in their neighborhood.
  • Electric Forest Staff will check RVs and vehicles entering all RV Camping areas for any items not permitted on site, as specified in the Festival Guidelines. Security Staff will confiscate any such items and may refuse entry to the site.
  • You cannot purchase an RV space to park multiple cars and/or build a large tent camp. Please only purchase an RV pass for an RV.