Bassrush Curated Event (First Weekend)

Having continually evolved from its roots in the Los Angeles drum & bass scene, the global brand known as BASSRUSH continues to be a name synonymous with unparalleled dancefloor experience centered on thick vibes, world-class talent, and massive sound systems.

Created as an offshoot of the world-famous Insomniac Events brand in the early 2000’s, BASSRUSH continues to focus exclusively on cultivating and curating the very best of the ever-expanding world of bass music. Having quickly become the premiere platform for artists and fans alike since its inception, BASSRUSH has continued to remain at the forefront of the ever-changing soundscape of bass music.

Always conscious of staying true to its underground roots, the BASSRUSH family has continued to embrace and showcase artists from a broad range of genres and sub-genres, introducing exciting new acts alongside world-class heavy-hitters, regardless of genre or tempo. It is this love and passion for the scene and the music that no doubt contributes to the continued success of the BASSRUSH brand.

As the genre continues to evolve and expand BASSRUSH continues to move towards spreading its vision across the nation, building upon the response received from producing multi-date national tours to hosting & curating stages at major festivals throughout the country.