This Ain’t Bristol Curated Event

“We’ve been smiling a lot ever since we were told we could host a stage at Electric Forest. Not only do we love festivals and dancing through the woods but above all we feel blessed to be able to be a part of one of the probably richest festivals we’ve heard of when it comes to good vibes and community spirit in the US.

The selection of acts involved was simple as clear. With the main focus on our fellow This Ain’t Bristol family, first and foremost it was clear we had to send Billy Kenny through the woods and fly in Maximono from Europe to this show. Both not only being our fellow co-owners of our beloved imprint but also the our boys regarding A&R and main faces to the outside world. We feel very proud about the success, love and recognition these two acts have gained within the last few years with us. The fact that our favorite South African pal and long-time family member Kyle Watson finally has launched his long anticipated US-Debut in combination of him being available for this show made things really click into place for us. Finally we all get to meet the guy who’s helped us so much in getting the word of good vibes house out of the woods and into on the street. Kry Wolf have without a doubt been long time friends since the very beginning of our journey and an important inspiration for our young growing label. Having them around is always combined with a great time on and off stage. Looking forward to join forces oversees for the first time. Funnily enough Mat.Joe originally come from Hannover (in Germany), the same town This Ain’t Bristol has arisen from and both Matze and Johannes have been friends with part of the crew for ages before House music was the chosen path for anyone of us. But it was this path that led us together again and we’re happy to walk along with them into the forest. Great and very gifted guys. Honestly, having the legend that is T.E.E.D. perform his set at our first hosted stage at Nocturnal Wonderland made a dream come true. It just seemed as a perfect and versatile addition to the whole package and we really all got on that well that we’re more than chuffed he’s up for another go. Prepare for some special moments, as we certainly are already. Ever met the Golf Clap guys or seen them play? Well if you have there is no explanation needed why we added these lads to the gang. Super nice and focused guys who, behind the decks, both merge into an entity full of little freestyle surprises and thumping grooves. Energy guaranteed.

We and our gang of down to earth good vibes lumberjacks are prepared for the forest and can’t wait to shake a leg with you out there.” – This Ain’t Bristol