A few days after releasing his debut single “sex,” 20-year- old singer/songwriter/producer EDEN had his Facebook wall graced with a post from Lorde. “i love 'sex' a lot. it does something very simple and intense to my brain,” she wrote, then praised the song as aptly “messy and emotional and twitchy.” With EDEN’s upcoming EP i think you think too much of me, the Dublin-based multi instrumentalist otherwise known as Jonathon Ng delivers more of his intense and twitchy take on guitar-driven electronic pop, revealing himself as an artist of uncompromising originality. Made alone in his bedroom, i think you think too much of me shows a poetic candidness inspired by such artists as Frank Ocean. “There’s some songwriters who portray their feelings so that you completely understand where they’re coming from—even if it’s something so alien to you, you still get it,” Ng says. He then adds: “I tend to sing about all the stuff that I’d never actually talk about with anyone. That’s just my way of dealing with everything.” On i think you think too much of me, that raw emotionality imbues the heartsick urgency of “sex,” the woozy desperation of “drugs,” and the stark fragility of “and.” And on the epic “rock & roll,” EDEN brilliantly merges jagged guitar riffs, heady beats, and feverish meditations on ambition or lack thereof (“I got ten weeks of talking bullshit on repeat ‘til I’m burnt out and disappear”), before the song sweetly dissolves into distorted dialogue. Ng began creating electronic music at age 16, eventually experimenting with production and releasing songs under the name The Eden Project. The solo approach suited his prolific nature, and in three years he turned out nearly 100 tracks. “Once I get an initial idea, I know exactly what the completed song is going to sound like,” he notes. As his music evolved and took on a more melodic and vocal-centric aesthetic, he rechristened himself as EDEN and newly embraced his pop inclinations. In August 2015 EDEN made his debut with End Credits and—despite making zero effort to promote it—soon found the EP gaining major attention and ultimately amassing more than 65 million streams. That momentum continued to build as EDEN released a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” in November 2015, a soulfully cinematic track that hit #1 on HypeM's popular chart and racked up a million cumulative streams in just one week.

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