Roman Flügel

Flügel’s backstory and entrance into the world of electronic music culture has now become one of folklore. Having grown up in Darmstadt, just outside of Frankfurt, it was his brother who opened the musical gates for Roman, having bought him a DM/STREETSOUNDS’ Chicago Trax compilation for Christmas in ’87. It was the catalyst that took the boy from Darmstadt into the world of vibrant, melodic, electronic sounds. Eventually he moved on to Frankfurt, enrolling in a Musicology course, and spending a lot of time engaging with the city’s nightlife community. He went from being the adoring fan at Sven Väth’s Omen club as a teenager, to being a regular fixture at the likes of Berghain, Amnesia, fabric and Robert Johnson. It was for the latter, that Flügel recorded one of the scene’s better known mix CDs – Live at Robert Johnson Vol.5.

As a producer, Flügel went under many aliases and orchestrated many successfully collaborations. Recently he is focusing on his solo productions for Dial, including 2011’s Fatty Folders and 2014’s Happiness is Happening. His third album ‘All The Right Noises’ 2016, further explores his love of music off the dancefloor. Since early 2016, he’s curated his own party series ‘Sister Midnight’ at clubs worldwide. As someone who still expects to be surprised when on the dancefloor, Roman displays his many colours when he plays. “I don’t want to limit myself,” he says about his approach to performance. For him, it’s all about engaging with the crowd, seeing and reading the emotions, keeping his palate wide and open for new paths to explore.

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