We fight to learn the meaning of what we go through

There’s no ignoring the swell of electricity when Casey Ottmann enters a room. Anyone he comes in contact with has no choice but to absorb his relentless optimism, and Thunderthief (Ottmann’s aptly chosen project alias) is a true musical manifestation of this phenomenon. Armed with atypical synth and drum tones, virtuosic looping guitar lines and an array of vocalists from across the modern music spectrum, Thunderthief vows to hoist his listeners above his head and let them hurl their worries into the open sky.

Since releasing his debut single “Chemistry feat. Brian Wight” late in 2012, Ottmann has managed to create a swirling synergy between electronic dance music and his early 00’s pop-punk roots. His tracks are overwhelmingly energetic and uplifting; songs like “Happenstance feat. Julie Almeria” recall elements of club smashes and pogo-jumping teenage anthems alike. Even in his darker, more piano driven songs like Falling, he delivers a feeling of light and hope that fans can easily embrace. While countless other dance music producers sit comfortably in the confines of traditional tempo, instrumentation and feel, Ottmann isn’t afraid to flirt with genres completely on the other side of the tracks. It’s not uncommon to hear hints of punk rock, emo and even metal woven into the many layers of a Thunderthief track.

Thunderthief’s bright, beautiful view of the world is skillfully captured in all of his music, and he aims to share it with anyone who will listen in 2014 and beyond. This year brings the release of multiple singles on Ohm Records, and the first of his highly anticipated performances with a live band. Like a superhero perched atop a skyscraper, Thunderthief is poised to launch straight into the sun and take music fans worldwide with him.

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