Vox Vidorra

Vox Vidorra is an indie/soul quartet from Grand Rapids, MI.

Lead by vocal phenom Molly Bouwsma Schultz, the band combines rich, Motown worthy vocals with an underbelly of indie rock, soul, and jazz provided by multi-instrumentalists Scott Schultz, Ryan K Wilson, and Theo Ndawillie II.

The songs are reminiscent of days-gone-by but are rooted in now, exploring inequality, race, and religion, all with a melodic sheen that allows access to the depth of the recordings. The instrumentation is deliberate and often times sparse, highlighting Bouwsma Schultz’s electric mezzo-soprano, but is also complex, utilizing Ndawillie’s composing skills to employ lush string arrangements, propelling the songs over a familiar backbone that hints at Marvin Gaye and Aretha Franklin.

Written in a collaborative process, each member is essential to the band’s songwriting. With influences like Harry Nilsson, Patrick Watson, Radiohead, and Ella Fitzgerald, the band isn’t held to one sound, but is held together by Bouwsma Schultz’s voice, three-part harmony, and a strong commitment to melody.

In playing almost 200 gigs in two years (and leaning on Wilson’s dozen plus years of experience in the local scene) the band has honed a stage show that will make anyone look up from their phone.

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