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2017 Information

Art Installation Sponsorship

First and Second Weekend

Each year, The Forest morphs into a reimagining of itself, with new art, fresh experiences, and a healthy dose of inspiration. If you have a great art idea sparked by The Forest, the Installation Sponsorship program is your chance to bring your dreams to life.

For the 5th year in a row, builders and artists are invited to bring something new to Electric Forest – in The Hangar, greeting the forest family in Tripolee field, art for Main Street, or even, in very select circumstances, in Sherwood Forest itself!

Multiple installations may be chosen to receive up to $3000 in funding, and up to five (5) working credentials to bring their art to life at Electric Forest 2017.

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HQ will provide:

  • A grant of up to $3000 towards the costs of building your installation
  • Working credentials for a build team of up to five (5) people
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner provided for your team during your set up and tear down (please note meals are not provided on festival days)
  • A liaison for your team to assist with any production needs
  • Power hookup for your installation
  • A footprint within Electric Forest festival or campgrounds for your piece
  • A build timeline with benchmarks and deadlines to help you stay on track


Submissions will be accepted for review December 13-January 29 2017. Follow up materials may be requested after that time. Final projects will be selected and announced in February and March of 2017.

Selection Process

Judged by: The Festival Art Directors
Judgement method: By reviewing & ranking proposals
Judged on:
30% Art
30% Appropriateness for event
20% Ease of execution onsite / plan
20% Interactivity


  • The submission process is private. HQ will share only the concept of the final projects once they have been selected and confirmed.
  • You are encouraged to imagine a place for your installation outside of Sherwood Forest.
  • The program will require you to meet many benchmarks and deadlines in your build process, months in advance of the event.
  • The onsite time commitment varies depending on the weekend you are selected for. Please only apply if an onsite commitment of up to 10 days is not a problem for your entire team.
  • You must provide your own transport to and from the event.
  • Your art installation must be a piece created specifically for Electric Forest, that debuts for the first time at Electric Forest.
  • The art piece may not feature fire, pyrotechnics, food or beverages, drug references, or any dangerous aspects.
  • If installation is structural in nature (you can climb on it or go inside it), please budget for review by an engineer that you source locally. (Proof of structural integrity will be required).
  • Please ensure that your team will be professional and committed to meeting all requirements. Installation timeline and protocols for delivering materials to the site will need to be in strict compliance with the EF Site Operations Department festival-wide installation timeline. Failure to comply will be cause for early dismissal, forfeiture of the opportunity to showcase the installation in the Forest, and forfeiture of your funding.

How to Apply

Applications are now closed. After the initial submission period, you may be contacted to move forward in the review process by submitting additional information (a complete budget, digital sketches, etc.)