Submissions Closed For 2018

Green Monarch Program

New for #EF2018, the Green Monarch offers the opportunity to bring your environmental / green / sustainable vision to The Forest, in collaboration with the Electricology Program!

The search for the Green Monarch of 2018 has begun! Calling all Forest Family with inspiring sustainability ideas! This is your chance to help make the Forest glow. For 2018, HQ has evolved the Monarch Challenge into the Green Monarch, in collaboration with Electricology. Introduce a creative way to inspire our Forest Family to be their best stewards of the land and be a sustainable ambassador of the Forest with once in a lifetime experiences. If you would like to be considered for this high honor, consider what green initiative you could bring to The Forest that it doesn’t already have.

In its first year, the Green Monarch Program offers one of the grandest prizes  – Two (2) Good Life Village Camping wristbands to Electric Forest 2018, with access to Good Life VIP viewing areas; Two (2) invitations to the secret Electricology EcoPoints Party; Two (2) Electricology Prize Packs with exclusive Electric Forest swag; Escorts to and from your scheduled Green Monarch duties; and the opportunity to bring your vision to The Forest!

Inspiration for the Green Monarch blossomed during Electric Forest 2017, and our first Green Monarch was chosen – Wizard. Over the years, Wizard studied types of litter in The Forest, got involved deeply in the Electricology Leaderboard Challenge, and achieved greatness to a standard previously reserved for entire teams. Her knowledge, skills, and kindness as a leader informed her Green Monarch efforts to create and share pocket ashtrays with the Forest Family to curb tobacco waste. Through her story, she inspired us to find joy in the personal journey. Wizard is MAGIC!



If you are selected as the Green Monarch of Electric Forest, you must put your best foot forward to improve the festival, and work with Forest HQ to do so. As a leader of the event, you must find ways to inspire the masses and make the experience better for all. In order to reap the true benefits of your handsome reward, some meetings and advance communication with HQ this Spring will be required to develop your winning idea. Additionally, the Green Monarch will be scheduled for 1-2 daily appearances, photo ops, and activities while at Electric Forest. HQ will make sure these participation opportunities will not conflict with your favorite sets or interests at EF.

Your entry into this program is your agreement that you are ready and willing to be a high profile public figure at Electric Forest. It is both an honor and a responsibility.


  • Two (2) Good Life Village Camping wristbands to Electric Forest 2018, with access to Good Life VIP viewing areas
  • Two (2) invitations to the secret Electricology EcoPoints Party
  • Two (2) Electricology Prize Packs with exclusive Electric Forest swag
  • Escorts to and from your scheduled Green Monarch duties
  • The opportunity to bring your vision to The Forest!


Video applications from potential Green Monarchs will be accepted January 30 – March 15, 2018. The Green Monarch will be announced in April, 2018!


Judged by: The Festival Producers
Judgement method: By reviewing videos and ranking ideas and candidates
Judged on:
50% Practicality of ideas
25% Quality of ideas
25% Personality


Answer one question: “What greening initiative would you bring to The Forest?”

While the question is general, there are a few guidelines on how to answer…

  • Create a polished three (3) – five (5) minute video interview of yourself. You can have friends or a chosen consort involved in the video, but primarily HQ wants to see YOU answering the following questions…
    • Who are you and where are you from? Introduce HQ to who you are and a taste of your genuine personality
    • How many years have you attended the festival?
    • Your favorite previous Electric Forest experiences
    • Give HQ the pitch – How will you:
      • Make The Forest a more interesting, beautiful, creative, or improved experience for the Forest Family AND Help Electricology make The Forest a more sustainable festival
      • Bonus points for a long-term benefit to the site
    • Give HQ some ideas – what are some of the ways you’d like to manifest the goodness you just spoke about?
    • Throughout the video stay positive and focus on the potential of your improvements!
  • Upload your video to Youtube with the title “Electric Forest 2018 Green Monarch Audition”. Please, no Facebook videos! Due to privacy settings, HQ can’t see them.
  • Share your video on the Digital Forest – Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere you like, both on your own page, and on Forest pages or tagging HQ! Spread the word about your positive vision for The Forest and use the hashtag #EF2018GreenMonarch
  • Submit your video to the application form, and answer a couple questions while you’re at it.
  • Forest HQ may contact you for a follow-up interview to discuss your project!


  • Video length must not exceed 5 minutes.
  • Submissions must be in video format only.
  • You may use props, music, post-production effects, and other people in the video.
  • You must physically be the person featured in your audition video. We need to see you!
  • You must agree to take this role seriously and consider yourself a high profile part of the event.
  • You must agree to work with the EF staff for months in advance of the event.
  • All ideas must be your own, original ideas that The Forest has never seen before. Previous ideas include: Water Stations, Healthy Eating, Tobacco Waste
  • Please refrain from anything offensive or bordering on cultural appropriation
  • All ideas must have a Sustainable Component that supports Electricology – Preferably new ideas entirely, but HQ will consider the idea if it ENHANCES existing parts of the program
  • Applicants can not have previously won a Monarch Challenge or EF ticketing contest
  • The Winning Monarch must ACTIVELY participate in the development and implementation of their idea Pre Festival.
  • HQ reserves the right to veto, amend, terminate any component of a developing idea for any reason it deems necessary.