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First Weekend Only

HQ invites the artistically inclined to become live artists at Electric Forest by creating a one of a kind map of Electric Forest 2017. Selected artists will create a custom 36×48 inch artistic rendition of the map of Electric Forest 2017 onsite at the festival, in a public area, as a piece of public art. The maps will be auctioned during the event, with all proceeds donated to the Music in Schools Program.

If you are selected, you will receive (2) GA Camping Wristbands to the first weekend of Electric Forest 2017, a $500 materials grant, and the opportunity to bring your art to The Forest in support of the Electric Forest Music in Schools Program, which funds music education in Michigan schools.

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HQ will provide:

  • (2) GA Camping Wristbands to the first weekend of Electric Forest 2017 – one for you, and one for a guest.
  • A $500 materials stipend
  • An announcement of your being selected as one of several live painters for Electric Forest 2017
  • A space to create your piece for the Electric Forest community at Electric Forest 2017


Live artist applications will be accepted from March 6 to April, 16 2017. Selected artists will be announced in April or May of 2017.


Your application

  • The art samples you submit with your application must be created 100% by you, and you must have permission to share your art with Electric Forest.
  • You grant Electric Forest permission to upload and share the art, or art from any of your galleries you link to for digital announcement and marketing purposes.

Design & Creation

  • Your map design must be a piece designed by you, featuring images and ideas that you own all the rights to, or have permission to use.
  • The materials you select to create your map with must be durable – this is a lasting piece of art that will be treasured for years to come!
  • The materials you use to create your map may include, but are not limited to: paint, pencil, marker, faux fur, glitter, dried flowers, 3D printed objects, photographs, magazine cutouts, et cetera.
  • With your materials stipend, you must purchase and bring a quality, fresh 36 inch by 48 inch stretched canvas to create your art on.
  • The map you create must be an accurate representation of the map of Electric Forest. A large printout of the map will be provided for tracing onsite.
  • Your map must include a representation of the Electric Forest logo, and the festival dates.
  • You may start your map before you arrive at the festival, but you must finalize the piece on site at the event.
  • Your art must be finished no later than 10 pm on the Saturday of the festival weekend you are selected for.
  • Your art must be created in such a way that it is able to be displayed on Sunday of the event, and dry and ready for transport by 8 am on the Monday following the festival. (Keep in mind that summers in Michigan are very humid.)
  • Your map must be created exclusively for Electric Forest. Electric Forest may elect to use your map art beyond the auction of the original piece.

How to Apply

Step 1: Take a moment to consider the durable and magical mediums available to create a map that is not only informative, but that will become the most beautiful representation of someone’s favorite memory.
Step 2: Gather together samples of your previous work that convey the direction and scope of the map you would make for Electric Forest.
Step 3: Consider yourself, and the intentions you have to offer in this effort to support music and learning with your art. Write something about yourself, and why you would like to participate.
Step 4: Send it all to HQ via the form below.

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