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2017 Information

Monarch Program

First Weekend Only

In the Monarch Program, one member of the Forest Family rises to reign over Electric Forest, and use their power for good!

The search for the Queen or King of Electric Forest 2017 has begun! If you would like to be considered for this high honor, consider what you would bring to The Forest that it doesn’t already have. In previous years, Monarchs have focused on missions from healthy eating, to scavenger hunts, to hydration. What would you change or improve to impact all forest-kind?

Now in its sixth year, The Monarch Program offers one of the greatest prizes in the Forest Kingdom – Four (4) Good Life Camping wristbands for The Monarch and the Royal Court, a footman in your own royal golf cart, and the opportunity to bring your vision to The Forest!

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If you are selected as the Monarch of Electric Forest, you must put your best foot forward to improve the festival, and work with Forest HQ to do so. As a leader of the event, you must find ways to inspire the masses and make the experience better for all.

Additionally, you may participate during and before the event in the judging of other contests.

Your entry into this program is your agreement that you are ready and willing to be a high profile public figure at Electric Forest. It is both an honor and a responsibility.


  • Four (4) Good Life Village Camping Wristbands to the first weekend of Electric Forest, so that you and your court can work together to make the vision a reality.
  • A $2000 budget towards your festival improvement project, and the support of HQ to make it happen!
  • A royal golf cart chariot, and accompanying footman, will be provided to guide you around the festival to your events.
  • Your image will appear as the 2017 Monarch on the Electric Forest website.


Video applications from potential Monarchs will be accepted January 12 – February 26, 2017. The Monarch will be announced in March 2017!


Judged by: The Festival Producers
Judgement method: By reviewing videos and ranking ideas and candidates
Judged on:
50% Practicality of idea
25% Quality of idea
25% Personality


Answer one question: “What would you bring to The Forest?”
While the question is general, there are a few guidelines on how to answer…

1. Create a 5 minute video interview of yourself. You can have friends and your chosen consort (the lord or lady who will assist you in your noble endeavor) involved in the video, but primarily HQ wants to see YOU answering the following questions…

  • Who are you and where are you from?
  • How many years have you attended the festival?
  • Give HQ the pitch – what would you like to change, improve upon, or create in The Forest?
  • Give HQ some ideas – what are some of the ways you’d like to manifest the goodness you just spoke about?
  • Throughout the video stay positive and focus on the potential of your improvements!

2. Upload your video to Youtube with the title “Electric Forest 2017 Monarch Audition”. Please, no Facebook videos! With the privacy settings, HQ can’t see them.
3. Share your video on the Digital Forest – Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere you like, both on your own page, and on Forest pages or tagging HQ! Spread the word about your positive vision for The Forest and use the hashtag #EF2017Monarch
4. Submit your video below, and answer a couple questions while you’re at it.
5. Forest HQ may contact you for a follow-up interview to discuss your project!


  • Video must be sincere and an obvious product of royalty.
  • Video length must not exceed 5 minutes.
  • Submissions must be in video format only.
  • You and your consort can apply together, but please be sure to let us know who will be The Monarch if your video is chosen.
  • You may use props, music, post-production effects, and other people in the video.
  • You must physically be the person featured in your audition video. We need to see you!
  • You must agree to take this role seriously and consider yourself a high profile part of the event.
  • You must agree to work with the EF staff for months in advance of the event.