Plug In

Opens February 7, 2017

The Performer Plug In

First and Second Weekend

A page is turning as Electric Forest’s award-winning Hoop Troupe opens wide and is transformed into an opportunity for all movement performers.
Plug In as an official festival performer. Be showcased roving, or even on stage! Duos are encouraged, and choreography is a must.

Those who may consider this program their invitation include…

  • Skilled Dance Performers
  • Contortionists and acrobats
  • Skilled Flow Arts Performers (Hula Hoop, Poi, Staff, etcetera)
  • Magicians and mimes
  • Any movement-based act that requires little production and is fit for both the stage and pop up performances on the festival grounds
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2017 Theme

Coming Soon


  • One (1) Wristband to a weekend of the festival per participant: this wristband allows you access to the same areas as all official festival performers during the weekend you were selected to participate
  • Artist camping: performers will camp together, inspire together, and enjoy together (must provide your own camping gear!)
  • Food Vouchers: You will receive 2 vendor meal vouchers per day Thurs-Sun of your weekend
  • Troupe Leaders will offer creative exchange and support pre-event and on-site


Video auditions will be accepted from February 7 through March 19, 2017. The Performers will be selected and announced in March and April 2017.

Selection Process

Judged by: The Performer Coordinator
Judgement method: By reviewing videos and comparing the best auditions
Judged on:
40% Skill
40% Stage Presence
20% Costume & Theme


1. Your audition video must meet all of the following requirements – videos that do not follow guidelines will not be considered!

  • Introduce yourself, your medium, and your concept to the camera. Show lots of big personality and large moves – appropriate for winning minds and hearts in The Forest!
  • Video must be 3 minutes or less
  • Performance must reflect the theme in your costume choice, music choice, and character
  • Video does not have to be taken in one shot, although it must offer a good sense of your stage-ready act. Show a developed concept and amazing movement skills more than your video editing skills

2. Submissions must be in video format only
3. Partner acts are welcome
4. You may use props, music, post-production effects, and other people in the video
5. You must physically be the person featured in your audition video. We need to see you!
6. You must agree to take this role seriously and consider yourself a high profile part of the event
7. Please upload your videos to youtube ONLY
8. This is not an appropriate program for musical acts

How to Enter

1. Read the rules above
2. Choose the aspect of the theme that inspires you
3. Create and practice your choreography
4. Get funky or formal on the appropriate costume front
5. Film your video & upload it to youtube with the title “Electric Forest 2017 Performer Audition”
6. Share your video with the hashtag #EF2017Performer, and tagging Electric Forest!
7. Submit your video to HQ when the form opens below!