Open For 2018 Submissions

Playlist Submissions

At Electric Forest, new music is discovered. Out of the noise, the Forest Family comes to love new artists by exploring not only the headliners, but the fine print of a lineup that has been carefully curated by HQ.

Electric Forest, in collaboration with This Song Is Sick welcomes all to help uncover, discover, and support all the talented music makers who are headed to Rothbury this summer! Music lovers are invited to share their favorite tracks, new and old, in a themed playlist inspired by The Forest. Each month, one submission will be selected to become an official festival playlist, and its creator will receive one (1) GA Camping Wristband to Electric Forest!


Each month, HQ will provide:

  • One (1) GA Camping Wristband to your preferred weekend of Electric Forest
  • Selected playlist posted as an official playlist


Submissions will be accepted March 6 – March 30, 2018. Winning playlists will be selected and announced on April 2, May 2, and June 2 of 2018.


Judged by: The Plug In & This Song Is Sick Teams
Judgement method: By listening to & ranking playlists
Judged on:
60% Uniqueness
20% Cohesive transition between songs
10% Length
10% Name & Description


  • Your playlist may only include original tracks and remixes from artists listed on the EF2018 Lineups.
  • Your playlist must be created specifically for Electric Forest.
  • Electric Forest may elect to use the final playlist beyond the platform you submitted in.
  • Your playlist must be your own original playlist, not someone else’s!
  • Do not submit your playlist more than once – it will qualify every month for the prize!
  • You are welcome to submit more than one playlist
  • It is advised that you give your playlist a theme, such as “Hammock Music” or “Traveling to The Forest” in the title/description. Themed playlists tell a better story for those who might want to listen in!


Step 1: Share your playlist with the hashtag #EF2018Playlist on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify, or wherever your wild internets roam, and tag Electric Forest so we can see it!

Step 2: Send your playlist to HQ through the application form!


 Playlist Submissions