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Sticker Design

First and Second Weekend

The Electric Forest sticker is a piece of art worth a thousand words, a trip to Rothbury, eight of the best days of the summer, and all the memories that were made there. Design an official sticker for Electric Forest – and have your art spark stories for years to come!

HQ invites the artistically inclined to design an official sticker for Electric Forest 2017. For inspiration and color ideas draw on the Electric Forest website and your memories of The Forest! If your sticker design is selected you will receive two (2) GA Wristbands to both weekends of Electric Forest and your artwork will be distributed to tens of thousands of Foresters!


HQ will provide:

  • Two (2) GA Camping Wristbands to both weekends of Electric Forest
  • Your sticker printed as a gift for the Forest Family
  • An announcement of your sticker being selected!


Submissions will be accepted for review January 25-March 5 2017. The final art will be selected and announced in March of 2017.


Judged by: The Festival Art Team
Judgment method: By selecting and comparing best stickers
Judged on:
50% Art
40% Fits with event aesthetic
10% Appearance as a sticker


  • Your sticker design must be a piece created specifically for Electric Forest. Electric Forest may elect to use the final selected design beyond the printing of a sticker.
  • Your sticker design must be a piece designed by you, featuring images and ideas that you own all the rights to, or have permission to use.
  • Sticker designs must be square, and visually attractive when scaled down to a 3×3″ square.
  • Sticker designs must be made in 300 DPI CMYK format
  • Account for a .25″ bleed area as you begin your design, to allow for proper printing. Your art file should measure 3.5×3.5 inches total. (Feel free to submit your final design sample without the bleed area to convey the final sticker appearance.)
  • Sample designs must be submitted in dimensions of 1000 px square
  • The Electric Forest Logo must be used in this design. Click here to download it.
  • The year 2017 must also be visible on the sticker.


Step 1: Dream up the best sticker design you can. Consider how it will look as a 3×3 inch square sticker, and make sure it has the Electric Forest logo and the year 2017 on it!
Step 2: Share your design with the hashtag #EF2017Sticker on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, or wherever your wild internets roam, and tag Electric Forest so we can see it!
Step 3: Send your design to HQ via the form below!