2017 Sticker and Pouch from Wristband Deliver Package
2018 Design Selected

Sticker Design Contest

The Electric Forest sticker is a piece of art worth a thousand words, a trip to Rothbury, and all the memories that were made there. Design the official sticker for Electric Forest – and have your art spark stories for years to come!

New for 2018, Electric Forest, Grassroots California, and Conscious Alliance collaborate to invite the artistically inclined to design an official sticker for Electric Forest.


“For inspiration and ideas, draw from your memories of, and dreams for The Forest.

Electric Forest is a state of mind. This community is one which connects on a spiritual level to the Earth’s creatures, and we let those connections guide us through life’s forests, fields, and streams. Design a sticker that epitomizes this community – the herd of Forest Family adventuring, protecting, and discovering new possibilities.” – Grassroots California

If your sticker design is selected you will receive two (2) GA Wristbands to the weekend of your choice, and your artwork will be distributed to tens of thousands of Foresters with their festival wristbands!