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Playlist Monthly Submissions Open Now!

Playlist Monthly Submissions

Help everyone discover and support all the talented music makers who are headed to Rothbury in June & July!

Art Installation Sponsorship Open now!

Art Installation Sponsorship

If you have a great art idea sparked by The Forest, the Installation Sponsorship program is your chance to bring your dreams to life.

Monarch Program Open now!

Monarch Program

The Monarch Program offers one of the greatest prizes in the Forest Kingdom - the opportunity to bring your vision to The Forest!

Her Forest 2017 Summary

Her Forest

With a focus on Connection, Inspiration, and Comfort, Her Forest is a collaboration between Forest Family who identify as women.

The Brainery Workshop Program Opens January 2017

The Brainery Workshop Program

The Brainery is seeking passionate minds with teachable skills to apply as instructors for this space during the second weekend of Electric Forest.

Sticker Design Opens January 25, 2017

Sticker Design

Design an official sticker for Electric Forest - and have your art spark stories for years to come!

Electric Forces Build Crew 2017 Summary

Electric Forces Build Crew

The Electric Forces Build Crew is an opportunity to be of service with brothers and sisters from the military behind the scenes of the festival.

UnMEDIAted Photographer Opens February 1, 2017

UnMEDIAted Photographer

Join the Electric Forest Photo Crew and work on your own special assignment!

UnMEDIAted Videographer Opens February 1, 2017

UnMEDIAted Videographer

New in 2017, the UnMEDIAted Program is expanding to offer an opportunity to budding videographers.

The Performer Plug In Opens February 7, 2017

The Performer Plug In

Plug In as an official festival performer. Be showcased roving, or even on stage! Duos are encouraged, and choreography is a must.

The Coloring Zine Opens February 9, 2017

The Coloring Zine

Coloring book pages, comics, poems, and other printable arts are all invited to be a part of the first Electric Forest Coloring Zine.

Her Forest Curated Event Applications Opens February 15, 2017

Her Forest Curated Event Applications

Dancers, Musicians, Electronic Music Producers, and DJs from all around the world are welcome to apply to perform in this special Her Forest Curated Event.

Luminaria Submissions Opens March 1, 2017

Luminaria Submissions

Luminarias are memories and hopes in the form of LED candles and art.

MapMakers Opens March 6, 2017


HQ invites the artistically inclined to become live artists at the festival by creating a one of a kind map of Electric Forest.

Electricology 2017 Information Coming Soon!


Visit Electricology EcoZones in your campground neighborhoods for exclusive prizes that include Electric Forest Tickets for Life!

The Electric Glen 2017 Program Information

The Electric Glen

In addition to demos of the latest hardware and software, the glen hosts panels with some of the biggest names on the Electric Forest lineup.