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The Official Wristband Exchange guarantees that the wristband you buy is real, and that your money makes it to you! Purchases on any other resell market are not guaranteed because the original purchaser always ultimately controls the wristband – they can cancel or change it at any time.

 Official Wristband Exchange


1. Help! I need to call someone to help me with my ticket exchange experience!

Please contact TicketExchange at 1-800-842-7112 or

2. What can I buy/sell on the exchange?

The exchange is exclusively for GA Camping Wristbands, GA Maplewoods Camping Wristbands, Good Life Village Camping Wristbands, and Good Life Sherwood Court Tent Only Camping Wristbands!

3. What if I am paying for something I want to sell with a Layaway Payment Plan?

You must pay off your layaway plan before you are able to list your tickets to sell.

4. Can I pay for my purchase on the Official Wristband Exchange on a Layaway Payment Plan?

No, you must pay in full at the time of your purchase.

5. How can I update my Wristband price once it is on sale?

Log into your Ticketmaster account (accessible from your Front Gate account), navigate to “Active Listings” and click “Edit”.

6. I don’t want to sell my Wristband anymore, how do I take it down?

Log into your Ticketmaster account (accessible from your Front Gate account), navigate to “Active Listings” and click “Remove”.

7. What if I want my Wristband back once it has been sold?

All sales are final. You must purchase a new wristband or buy one from the ticket exchange.

8. Can I sell my Lodging Package or Parking Pass on the wristband exchange?

No. At this time the Wristband Exchange is only for wristbands.

9. Is everything I buy on the exchange guaranteed?

Yes – everything you buy on the exchange is verified and guaranteed

10. What is the purchase deadline to have an exchange wristband shipped to me?

Tickets ship between 2 and 4 weeks prior to the event. If shipping is no longer available, the only available delivery method will be Will Call.

11. How do I get my order if I purchase after the shipment deadline?

Purchases made after the shipping deadline will be available for Will Call pickup at the Festival Box Office

12. What is the deadline to list a wristband on the exchange?

All sales close on Saturday of the event at 12 noon ET. You can list your unused wristband up until that point.

13. When do exchange sales close?

All sales close on Saturday of the event at 12 noon ET.

14. How do I get paid after I sell on the exchange?

Payment will be sent via the method selected when setting up your Ticketmaster account, check to billing address or bank draft, 7 – 10 days following the sale of your wristbands.

15. When do I get paid after I sell on the exchange?

You will be paid 7-10 business days after your item is purchased by someone else. Listing a wristband does not equate to a sale. Someone must actually buy it for you to be paid.

16. How do I change the shipping address for an item I bought on the exchange?

Contact Ticketmaster Customer Service at or
800-842-7112 to update your shipping address.

If tickets have already been shipped, the address cannot be changed.

17. What payment types are accepted on the exchange?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover are accepted.

18. Can I sell my friend’s wristband on the exchange for them?

You must be the original purchaser of the wristband to sell your wristband on TicketExchange.

19. How do I change the Will Call name for my exchange order?

If you need to change the pick up name on your order please contact TicketExchange at 1-800-842-7112

20. What is Electric Forest Festival Wristband Exchange?

It is the only Official Wristband Exchange of Electric Forest where 100% of wristbands are verified by Ticketmaster.

Sellers: Reach more buyers on the only resale marketplace approved by Electric Forest! You can edit your listing anytime, and when your wristbands sell you can get paid by automatic direct deposit. Plus we will handle wristband delivery for you.

Buyers: When you buy wristbands on the Electric Forest Wristband Exchange, the barcodes on those wristbands are electronically validated. The original wristband barcodes are cancelled and new, unique wristbands are reissued. This process guarantees the authenticity of the wristbands.

21. Can I get wristbands when the weekend I want is “sold out”?

Yes, with the Electric Forest Wristband Exchange you can get 100% verified wristbands from other Forest Family who can no longer attend. And as always, you buy with complete confidence: Electric Forest Wristband Exchange is the only Electric Forest-approved Official Wristband Exchange where 100% of wristbands are verified.